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  1. dude you hate kale chips? That's nuts I love em I dunno if we're talking about the same things but I found that you can bake Kale (whaaat) with oil and salt and it basically makes crunchy french fry substitutes. It shouldn't be stiff or hard to chew, it literally just kinda.. crunches/crumbs easily, like pringles or something. They're so good.
  2. can you give examples of your meals? I know the right foods but I have issues putting g meals together. That's the one thing and the reason I made some small changes: it's so hard for me (as a guy that wants to put on weight and be pretty built) to eat enough on a low carb diet. I was eating tons of meat and veggies. Two meals a day, about a pound of meat with each and a full plate of veggies. Lots of avocado too. One meal I'd chop up tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, grill up 3 bur
  3. I've just made sure to eat no sugar, grains, rice, beans even, dairy for the most part. Ate just veggies and different meats Difference is visible within days when I'm doing it. I'm cautious about adding fruit and a little rice but apparently I have to for my digestive system to speed up a bit (too much fiber and tough to digest food)
  4. Hey, Just wanted to check in and add some value now that I've made some personal progress with acne. Background was I had pretty bad cystic acne since 13, controlled well through the acne.org regimen from 18-22 or so. I got to 22 and I got sick of having acne and I decided that it must be an external manifestation of something that's going on "wrong" internally. I mean, if you have a bad breakout it literally looks like you are diseased in some way. I went off the the BP and tried to