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  1. I it stopped working suddenly. Also I didn't want to be hooked on the product
  2. I started the regimen not too long ago and realized it wasn't for me after a few months of treatment. My skin cleared but I did not want to be stuck using BP all my life so I stopped using the product. Unfortunately, I stopped cold turkey instead of weaning off the BP. My skin has gone CRAZY. I am breaking out like never before. It has been 3 weeks since the breakouts started and they aren't getting much better. I now use the clean and clear system that worked "OK" for me for prior years along w
  3. I started the regimen about 2 months ago and for the first month my face was DRY but clear. I was reasonable happy with my results. HOWEVER, for the past 3 weeks my skin has taken a turn for the absolte worst. I noticed a major breakout that seemed to happen overnight after I used a scrub I used. I used it just once to remove some of the dead skin I accumulated. My skin is now filled with small colorless bumps and whiteheads. I have more acne than I EVER had before. Each day it seems to get wor