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  1. YES!!!!!! OMG I was soooooooo upset although overall I was still happy with my treatment. About a month after I was done (so just like you), the oil came back!! I was like GRRRRRRRRR!!!! Anyway, it only lasted a few weeks and then dropped right off! Since then it has been at a very managable level which is WAY less than pre-tane. I hope the same thing happens with you!
  2. i have the same thing! only on my nose! (an area that was completely clear even before tane!) i hope someone knows..
  3. if you go on accutane, you probably wont even need DKR anymore
  4. well ya the 'tash threw me off completly ;)

  5. you thought i was a boy! :D

  6. yes as a matter of fact i do indeed

  7. hi ruuuu, remember that one time we chatted? lol

  8. anyone know a good one that wont break me out if i put it on my shoulders?
  9. ...really...? thats weird, do you know how/why?
  10. yeah, you think theyd wanna make you look good...especially hair salons, even if im having a good skin day, if i look in their mirrors too much it'll ruin my mood
  11. well put it in perspective. it really sucks, but you wont even be thinking about prom in a month or so, you dont wanna "destroy the world" over it. i know how you feel though, i asked 3 guys already, 2 said yes but then changed their mind, one had another date. theres another guy i'd like to ask, but i dunno if i can take another fucking rejection.
  12. is it really light? i used it last summer, i thought it was kinda medium, but i did like it