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  1. I've wrote this on another thread but coming from a guy who has went through several scar revision treatments and experienced the rough patches of being a person with low self esteem because of my acne scars, I found the older I got the less I simply cared about my scars and just got on with life. I've thought here recently about going ahead and doing a couple more rounds of Silicone microdroplet but even if I don't it's not that big of a deal. The way you perceive yourself and the way
  2. Believe me I've been there. I can't say I really ever thought suicide was an option but around 18 to 20 years old I was certainly at that obsessive point where I was constantly looking at mirrors and feeling horrible about myself. Laying in bed at night with that wretched feeling. It was really bad at times. I first came here over a decade ago and you can probably look back through my posts and see a 22 year old kid who was on this site everyday, researching, trying many different scar revis
  3. I WOULD RUN AS FAR AWAY AS I COULD!! My skin was pretty much in check except for a few small breakouts here and there. I started taking Murad after seing it on television, I started getting cysts especially on the temples which were totally clear and scar free. Needless to say Murad left me with scarring in those areas. I also got some scarring on my left cheek. I never really had cystic acne before I used Murad. Horrible stuff in my opinion.
  4. Yeah that and the massive amount of anecdotal evidence from alot of people on this board alone who have been totally disappointed in the results after spending thousands of dollars. I would stay as far away from lasers as I could after reading some of these posts.
  5. I just went along with the docs recommendation on the efficacy. Right after the injections I get 9 or 10 little lumps that are very visible but even those go down considerably by the next day. I have noticed that the best results seem to come the next day (but that is mostly due to swelling) and about a month after which is probably due to the collagen reaction like you were saying. Right now sitting here I can feel three little lumps underneath the skin on my left cheek. As far as the improvem
  6. I went and had my fourth round of silicone done yesterday. I was a little unsure if I was even going to have any work done at all because Dr. Alkek told me at the last procedure just to come in this time an see how my face looked. I want to thank Drewboy for his thread and getting the word out about silicone it is a very good option as far as real results. I don't want their to be a misconception that Dr. Alkek does not use numbing, this is totally false. Every time I have had this done numbing
  7. Having someone close is definitely alot more convient. I would imagine flying to Florida three or more times would be quite the task, but it is always nice to know that you are getting the procedure done by a quality, knowledgable person.
  8. Your reasoning makes a lot of sense. I think i have had enough research and it's time for action! Life is short, I can't afford wasting more time. So are you going to go w/ another round? You said you have seen 70-80% percent improvement. Would another round or two make it 90% or even better? Did some shallow ones basically completely gone? I guess the Dr has to be cautious at this point not to over correct it since it's not reversible. 80% improvement already sounds amazing to me. I'
  9. I really appreciate your gratitude! Maybe I used that word incorrectly (I am sure that I did). If you need a scientific explaniation on ANYTHING, I am the absolute worst person to come to. When people come on here and post these long paragraphs describing the inner workings of certain chemicals and all this stuff it really confuses me. I was just talking about the possible complications, and despite how bad they can be, I really am not concerned with it. I just don't live my life that way. Your
  10. I just wanted to come on here and give another quick update. I know the trend seems to be that when people get results from certain procedures, they leave this site behind. I hope that it never comes to that with me. All this being said I can state with all swelling behind, and all my marks healed from my procedure of about 2 weeks ago, that silicone microdroplet has been the REAL DEAL for me. I am estimating at this point that I have gotten 70 to 80% improvement at this point. I have been resea
  11. I really know what you mean about the certain lighting, but I have seen good friends that never had much acne growing up, and even they look like they have some scarring under certain angles. It just becomes a matter of trying to avoid bad lighting. I definetely had the best results after this third round. For the first time my scars are noticeably better since I started doing the injections. However, that is only under most lighting. There still is certain lighting where it looks just as bad as
  12. Yeah, true that. Have you already set up your next appointment? Did they try to set you up with another appointment while you were there, and if not, when do you plan on going back up there?
  13. It's been a little over a day and I have to admit that my face is looking REALLY good, I was checking out my scars in the car mirror while going to eat lunch, and my skin looked really smooth and I mean the smoothest it has been in over ten years. I realise that this could be due to some swelling that is still hanging around. I can tell that the Dr. went really agressive in about 5 areas cause i've got these blue(bruising I suppose, he did a number on me!) and red dots that are VERY visible whic
  14. I had my second round about a month ago too, so I guess we are about on the same schedule. I dunno about the wait period in between treatments, all three of mine have been spaced out a month, that's the schedule he laid out for me. My next appointment to see if I need another small touchup will be about 6 weeks. I agree with you I didn't really see alot of leveling in the deeper scarring after the 2nd round but definite leveling of the shallower kind. I guess it's just a building process.
  15. Alrighty, so I just got my 3rd round of silicone microdroplet done. Dr. Alkek said that this could be the final round that I get but he wants me to come back around the end of May to see if we can't touch it up a little if necessary. Last week he used "4" dosages (I don't know if that is syringes or what measurement but if I remember correctly he used "3" the first round, and "4" the second). On the second round(around march 10ish) he injected all over the scarring. Over the course of March and