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  1. Im a male and I have been using paula's choice bha and bp for about 6.5 months and my acne has been reduce significantly my forehead and chin area is almost clear all the time, except my chin gets some acne after I shave. My problem is the two sides of my cheek. When I was starting out on my new regimen, if one side got better the other would get worse. Now few days ago I felt like I was getting clear cheeks for the first time in about a year but then they would start to suddenly get two to thre
  2. My acne has reduced to about 80% but i still keep getting acne every week
  3. i have been using pc bha for about 3 months and i was wondering if you put on too much bha it will less effective than when you put on enough?
  4. I start using peasize of bp every night and today is my 4th day. But ever since the 2nd i noticed my face was swollen. It doesn't look like a severe allergic reaction. But it does make my face look like i gained weight or it looks my face look fatter. Does this usually happen or am i allergic to it?
  5. Do you use cleanser once a day at night or twice a day in the morning and night. And if so are the cleansers you use in the morning different from the cleanser you use at night?
  6. Homer1125


    Lately i've been reintroducing some products into my regimen. I've been using paula's choice betaine salicylic acid, skin balancing moiturizer and skin balancing cleanser. And I think it's doing a good job smoothing out my skin. Especially the bha is doing wonders for me. But it doesn't mean the water regimen did anything for me. It definitely helped with my overly oily skin. But I did hit a plateau and that's why i stopped. So i would recommend a gentle cleanser with bha and a good moiturizer.
  7. Homer1125


    It's been a while since my last post. Now it has been 3 months since i've started my water regimen. Between my absence from this blog, i went to the derm. Because of my minor dermititis on my face(pre water regimen). And got prescribed pills for allergic reactions for my dermititis and a lotion. He suggested I use it for dead skin on my face. The first time I used it, dead skin was sticking on my fingers and just made a mess. But I kept through it and now my dead skin problem i s gone!! So i sug
  8. Homer1125


    Few days ago i had a huge one on my right cheek near my nose. Pretty deep,, but it wasn't a cyst. Im waiting for it to heal. Im getting three to four more white heads on my cheeks. But it doesn't hurt, it's just messing with my head. But trying keep positive. Also have two three small to medium ones on my forehead. I wipe my face with water and washcloth because of the dead skin buildup on my face. After that put some lotion on. From what i've heard it takes about three months for it to get bett
  9. Homer1125


    My skin was extremely oily but not anymore, and I have mild to moderate acne. I hope I answered your question sufficiently.
  10. Homer1125


    It Is now the 45th day of the water regimen. And I've noticed a big difference since I started the regimen. Here are the differences I've noticed since then. 1. Less oil production(takes some time for it to work) 2. Less inflamation 3. Less pimples 4. Pimples heal faster 5. Cystic pimples are very rare 6. Dry and dead skin patches 7. Rougher looking skin(I heard that the regimen will take care of this problem if you stick with for about 3 months)
  11. Homer1125


    Got some pimples on my forehead and cheeks but nothing too inflamed. Flakiness reduced slightly. Skin getting less oily. Nothing really more to say.
  12. Homer1125


    It is my 20th day on the water regimen. And my skin is improving every day. My skin gets flaky at times but thats the least of my worries. Oil production seems to decrease by little. There is a bump on my forehead but it's not that major. Nothing else to talk about...so thats it.
  13. Homer1125


    It's my tenth day of the water regimen. And my face is producing less and less oil by a small amount everyday. I have one pimple popping up on my chin but the pimples I get while on a water regimen are less irritated and they seem to heal better than when I used a cleanser. Spots are fading very slowly but I can notice the difference. Other than that,, nothing new.
  14. Homer1125


    Okay, so Im starting to think that this the best I did for my skin because when I woke up today It was not oily!! Im usually dripping in oil when I wake up but now its the complete opposite. Also the tone of my face greatly increased. I think you should start doing this. But Im not getting too excited because some people just start breaking out on their second week..so Im going to suppress my excitement.
  15. Homer1125


    It's my sixth day on water only regimen and I think I can feel it working now. My face is less oily. But My blackhead increased. And the purging stages is stil going. But nothing noticeably bad is happening. And a new pimple is starting to appear. Its on my chin and I can feel a slight pain when Im touching it. So Im going to ice the spot and pray to the acne gods that it doesn't get bad. And I can kind of see my face looks dirty.