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  1. EDIT: Ok sorry you have to click on the pics but I got them up correctly now. Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, and gals. I know its been well, a year and a half but I was cleaning out my Favorites and found this thread in there! I have been off Accutane for awhile, after my treatment I still had a small amount of acne but I wont lie, I didn't take it like I was suppose to. I forgot allot after those two months. But, Even with that I still saw an amazing improvement and I am so very happy And I couldn't be more happy. I still get the pimple or two every now and then, but thats normal. I al
  3. FIRST LOOK HERE CLICK BELOW http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=138452 Ok and now read. WOW So its been awhile. haha well I guess this deserves and update. I'll have to get some current pics up. But here is my TWO month Pic. http://a460.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...6a1e0a6b97b.jpg A few sorta recent. http://a914.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...8b934c8da29.jpg http://a980.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/image...b17029b53db.jpg
  4. WOW So its been awhile. haha well I guess this deserves and update. I'll have to get some current pics up. But here is my TWO month Pic. A few sorta recent.
  5. Not that anyone is looking at my blog but I went today and She decided to upmy dose from 1 single 40mg a day to 2 tablets of 40 a day. She said My improvement for it being month two was really good. soo Woohoo! Go look at my gallery for the difference~!
  6. JPJ2007


    Pics of me!
  7. Well its been a month. Def really bad dry lips if I dont stay on top of keeping them not dry. lol Noticed my hands were dry today, But I work on cars so its prolly the grease etc... using some motriozer (Spelling sucks tonight) Well after just one month Its getting better! I have been compliments on how much better my face looks... And im pretty sure I have already had my IB. So I guess we'll seee new pic in my gallery. May take a lil while, mod gotta aprove it.
  8. Hey Jose, hows it going?

  9. Hey cheers for replying on myspace lol

  10. Well its day 8 now.... I dont know but i think the IB is starting... my face sorta cleard up a lil and now its just goin crazy.. its gettin real bad.... But its only been a week and a half so I dont know if it is my IB or not... Oh well... only timr will tell... Chapstick is saving my lips!
  11. Well its day 6 now, And I think things are starting to kick in. My lips are so dry and chapped. And my cheeks are starting to clear up, But I am gettin bad acne on my right Jaw line.
  12. EDIT JUST read the topic pinned at the top with normal questions. Question answered. I'll steer away for now.
  13. Why thank you for the kind words in my gallery. : )

  14. Day Two (2) still nothing. But cut all my hair off!