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  1. Same thing happened to me.. I was using PanOxyl 5% BP Aquagel.... I got extreme flakiness, redness & crustiness. So i'm assuming I was allergic to some product in it. I switched to Clearasil... And apart from some small flakes when I don't moisturize.. I'm fine. Even without moisturizer, I have no dryness or redness. Oh, and i'm clear too ^^
  2. I'd suggest getting your blood tested and seeing what food allergies you have, then avoid those foods!
  3. Does the SA product have any side affects apart from a little paleness? And exactly how much does it make your skin pale? I was thinking on replacing my BP for this product. So using on most of my face... I'm sick of the dryness & redness that I get from BP, although i'm 99% clear on it. And.. Do I need to use a cleanser with the SA product too? Do you think you could use it on a larger or other part of your face? For testing? Thx alot!
  4. I started getting mild-moderate acne when I was 15, and i'm now 16. Over the past year i've been doing exactly what you have been doing... It's so easy to relate to people on this board. Before I had acne, I was actually quite a wiz with the ladies and was very funny. Since i've got acne though, I can't even talk to women let alone tell jokes. I'm on my way to getting clear though, thanks to the CSR. Not only that, this forum really helps acne troubled people like myself feel better about ME. Ho
  5. Clean & Clear Oxygenating Fizzing Cleanser, BP & Jojoba oil completely cleared all the blackheads on my nose.. I'm not sure which of them did it... Maybe you can try each.
  6. Can you describe the regimen in the acne cure book? Maybe then people can get an idea on how effective it will be.
  7. I have mild-moderate acne at WORST... If I get lots of sun my acne almostly completely clears up.. But that's only for a short period... It will come back just as bad / if not worse. Plus, who really wants to get skin cancer? I'd say use sunscreen, avoid continuous sunlight & continue your normal acne prevention routine. I doubt anyone on this thread wants a temporary cure anyway, they want permanent fixes.
  8. I used the regimen & actually got 100% clear in around 3 weeks... But I was using too much of a 5% BP cream. My face got crusty, red & feeled terribly. I got off the regimen, and then started to use the "dip" regimen. My face broke out horribly, probably the worst ever in my life. So I went back to the regimen and used the inital BP I was using. I went easier this time and started with a small amount, SLOWLY using more. I've been back on it for 5 days and I've got some of that redness, b
  9. No different do the DIP regime, just longer DIPS. You should go to the "mild-moderate" acne section... The thread's there.
  10. Tough love... You should try tane. PS: Never squeeze your zits. No matter what! ( I learnt it the hard way. )
  11. Dude, 1 Hour a day is totally worth living an acne free, worry free, day. You feel a LOT better about yourself when you're acne free, and you feel like you can be yourself. At least, that's what I feel when I'm spot free. IMO, It's totally worth it. If I had to dedicate 3-4 hours a day to have great skin, i'd do it.
  12. The dude proclaiming his own product & dissing BP looks like a total knob... Anyway for those of you that recommended that clearasil SA & Hydrogen Peroxide is it working well? I might try it... I started getting acne when I was 15 and 5 months, and at worst is only mild-moderate acne. There are periods where i'm acne free and there are periods where I have quite alot... That's without using any topicals or products. I sometimes can remain clear just by eating very healtihy...I'm 17 in 7
  13. Yeah you should go ahead with that food allergy test. If your doctor/derm recommends you get off the BP then try and go on an all natural diet. Found out what foods you're allergic too and don't eat them. The side affects of it totally aren't worth it, in your case.