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  1. Dont quit, I am depressed, have bright red eyes still active acne very dry/weak hair very dry skin and generally very achey and look awfull Im on three monthes, try and stick it out, it will be worth it, just remember that you sure you are gonna quit, my friends and familly want me to but I m not going to It will be worth it lol good luck
  2. So every Month I post a similar post, my acne is really not that much better I m in month 3 of 5 now, and there are red marks and visble acne still in areas of my face. Ok it is better, but very slightly. I was on 40mg first month, now 80mg. so depressing, just looks horride and there is nothing I can do, why is this happening -arhh cheers Will
  3. omg, day 13? what doseage you taking?, the excema patches are ok, just use good cream to soften the skin, your skin will look horride, the scars will go, but the scalp bleeding isnt good, plus that could lead to some hair loss. Yes if you came off it there is about 95 percent chance everything will go back to normal. But try and stick it, they say it is worth in the long run. i m on month 3, and still persisting good luck
  4. yer, bad out breaks not fun at all and it is really draining my system I feel ill and tired a lot of the time
  5. sorry the picture is quiet fuzzy, I have a phone crap camera, yer basically, I went out last nite and had few to drink, and in the morning it was even worse, still been pretty bad before, but worse this morning. Acctuane is not meant to make you skin worse for the total of 6 monthes it is meant to make it better and better, and most people get better sooner than 2 monthes and see an improvment at least. x
  6. Hey So I have been on accutane for 2 monthes and 2 days and this is my progress (or lack of) I never had acne that badly. Currently it is only a semi improvement, nothing to be pleased with. Can any1 comment on why it is taking forever. I sometimes drink a little bit when I got out, can this make things worse? Any similar stories? Cheers Will
  7. I used to be called good looking until my acne went from okish/some days and weeks clear---- to now acne that never gets better looks horrid and makes me shy away. My picture is an unedited (part from black and white) picture of me about a year ago, before my acne turned on me. ---if you go to my profile that picture is me a few weeks ago, but i set the contrast (yer I admit) a bit higher so you cant see my redish skin ( It all comes down to genes, when people look for a partner the outward app
  8. 2 monthes today on accutane and Basically face still looks bad, still breaking out red tint to face hair looking all brittle and dry when will this be over, why cant i see any results at all, Is not even like I was THAT bad before accutane, any1 simlar at all? my skin just isnt that better (ok a little but nothing to shout about )I m on a 5 month course, a little way yet to go can you skin sudden change and get better quickly,? I hope so I cant take much more, it is mixture of red ma
  9. What will help my hair? does biton actually do much? anyone? cheers Will
  10. i was told not to take vit D, cos it makes vit A work a lot better, and could make the side affects worse on accutane/bad for your body, I have no idea if that is right, but the lady in the health shop wouldnt sell me it good luck Will
  11. Hey Will Im called Will, 6"2 and weigh just a little less than you , and I m on 80mg currently, and I m exaclty to the day 2 monthes a head of you in treatment. So I pretty similar in quite a few ways, sooo I will be arround on these boards to help if you have questions. Regarding taking extra stuff, I took vit e, c, b and biotin and zinc in high doseage (ill tell you them if you need to know), up till a week ago, when I stopped because basically my skin is still rather bad and I was blaming
  12. I work out 4 times a week for 2-3 hours, and have actually got stronger i doubt it reduces mass of anything to be honest, it is only like vit A at a high doesage. People love to play the accutane blame game as much as possbile Been on accutane for nearly 2 monthes x oh yer and run nearly everyday and cycle loads ect
  13. very unlikly that you will have an outbreak that quickly, I didnt have much of one anyway, and mine came about 2 weeks after first started the drug. In fact mine got better to start with with the sudden stop of oil. Cheers Will
  14. Anyone post any random ideas about this i m on accutane now, abotu 3-4 monthes left, my gym I have discovered has a really nice sauna, is this bad/hinder process of healing on accutane, as accutane closes pours ect, and this opens them, although I do cold shower it afterwards, so what you guys think, stop the sauna sessions? Cheers Will
  15. lol yer I didnt mean to spell it like that...... maybe it was one of those "Freudian slips" lol cheers, and btw my vit e intake is 400 in total, I meant 100 4 times a day, it reads wrong cheers