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  1. oursfan hey girl!so do you think is safe to do tca at home?i know maya did her own,i was thinking about doing it.i just gotta find a place to hide out for a week.i think my skin will handle it well.im still doing smoothbeam iam up to a setting of 13 and my face is hardly red afterwards.i just hate playing the waiting game with all that peeling .but i guess no pain no gain.and you guys know that pain im talking about just feeling like you wanna put a paper bag over your head .
  2. maybe i need to add something like tca cross?i thought that after 4 treatments i was going to see a big difference.well i have another treatment next week and iam going to give this derm an ear full!i remember watching extrem makeover,and this girl had really bad acne and scarring and the dr. did smoothbeam and v beam.i tried the whole diet thing but then when i get down i start eating.that i really need to stop i dont need a weight problem on top of bad skin.it just sucks trying to find wh
  3. hey ppl how are you guys? iam so depressed isnt not funny i have been going for smoothbeam treatments once a month.i have done 4 treatments and have seen little results.i really dont know what else to do .iam not happy at all i dont even wanna go out .i mean what the fuck!!! ant they cure or find something that really works?what really works?i know everyone is different and treatments dont always work for everyone i know that im 28 and have been battling this shit since i was 13 enough already
  4. julian i need to see your pic .men ,men ,men ,i love em!
  5. thats not true cmon you know you love us!
  6. im trying to stop smoking and trying to get the balls to do a flush.lol nasty here looks like rain great weather for a breakout i can stay inside pretty sad huh?
  7. yes it would be make sure you stop in nyc i'll meet you half way O:)
  8. needling i think check out his link http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...light=needleing
  9. scotch tape is mine it takes all the flakyness away without all that oily feel i hate moisturizers!
  10. wow we will try anything huh?why not ppl here have used urine and crap why not OxyClean? good luck to you rosie! to each his own.
  11. http://www.bodyfixer.com/introducing101.htm ANYONE?
  12. http://www.glominerals.com/home.asp sorry me and my broked links try this one i found they have them on ebay too