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  1. Ive been on the regimen for several weeks now, and it seems to be working! My face is a red as a tomatoe now. Does anyone know how to reduce the redness? Or does it end on its own with the benzoil peroxide treatment? I previously used a gel at night and my skin was red too. Just curious if any1 knows if there are any simple treatments to the redness/irritation?
  2. I currently on minocycline and the regimen. Both seem to be working, to help my pimples, but my treatments dont really do anything for my blackheads. My dermatologist recommended that I use a face mask, they seem to temporarily work, but they dont do much. Ive read that some good blackhead treatments are home remedies which would be the honey and milk pore strips, or an egg white mask. ive also heard that a clay mask, salicylic acid gel, retnoid, enzymatic exfoliator, or a laser treatment wor
  3. Im 14 years old and have mild acne. I'm currently on minocycline, and Adapalene gel as my perscriptions to treat my acne. I started using the acne.org regimen during the day. Im following the instructions, but I'm not using it at night. Instead, im using my topigraphical gel at night. The regimen says that the treatment should also be applied at night. Should i be using them both? Or just adapalene gel? Or just the regimen so i can get the most out of the treatment? Please help!!