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  1. Hi Andreaaa* Yes, even if you are completely clear right now, if you stop the regimen your acne will return. I've been using the regimen for around 8 years, and whenever I stop/can't do the regimen, it only takes 2-3 weeks for acne to return, eventually my skin gets bad enough that I go back on the regimen again and it takes a full month to clear me up completely. Sorry, I know that's not the answer you wanted, but for us acne-prone people (I'm 29) I'm afraid there's no easy permanent opt
  2. I am a fan of the regimen, and have been using it for around 8 years now. But there is a problem: I go camping a lot, nearly every weekend (I am a rock climber). But when you are living in a tent and there is no clean running water, doing the whole regimen is nigh on impossible (even cleaning your hands afterwards is cumbersome - often when camping we only use hand sanitizer). Usually it's okay if I do the regimen on Friday before leaving and again on Sunday night when I return, but leavin
  3. I'm in Melbourne, and I've been on the regimen as Dan described for about 8 years now, and (when I keep it up) it has always proven to be effective. Some tips for me: 1. Don't bother trying to find BP in Aus, just import Dan's product - it's way cheaper and for me the largest 16oz bottle lasts me about 5-6 months. To illustrate how much cheaper: one of my ex-flatmates left a tiny little bottle of some 10% gel he'd found in the cupboard - enough for maybe two applications - it has a sticker
  4. took me close to 7 years to figure that one out, then 2 months ago that's exactly what I did - put NOTHING on the back of my neck, just some water in the shower, then moisturizer afterwards to aid healing. Works like a charm, not more painful severe cysts that stop me turning my head or looking up. no kidding. try it, come back in 2 months and tell us all about it.
  5. hey dude, I have an input here. I found that using the regimen on those cysts (I had exactly the same thing, but around the back of my neck more) made it worse. don't get me wrong - the regimen will work on the smaller pimples on your face, but for those big cysts you know what I did? I just moisturize. that's it. no soap on that area in the shower, just water. Then afterwards, moisturize. The skin heals on it's own. I guess for me the skin in that area is more sensitive to the regimen,
  6. pictures? I had cysts on the back of my neck, big ones that stop me turning my head or looking up, it was so painful. I was trying to treat them with the regimen, but eventually (2 months ago) I decided I was sick of them, and tried something different - I stopped the regimen entirely on that area. Not only that, I don't use soap there in the shower either. the only thing i do, is moisturize that area to aid healing. worked like a charm, and within 4-5 weeks even my red "hickey" scars heale
  7. Actually, come to think of it, I do moisturize the back of my neck, but that's the only thing that goes on daily, and that's only because my moisturizer has spf in it and I don't want my neck to burn. I guess my neck can withstand the moisturizer, or maybe it helps to keep the skin supple and helps it to heal properly. that's my take anyway
  8. You know what? I have had this exact problem for the last few (that is, 7) years - come to think about it, it seemed to get worse on the regimen. Don't get me wrong - the regimen works wonders on my face and the front of my neck, but I found that I was always putting it on the back of my neck (the area from directly below each ear, all the way round to the other ear), and my neck always seemed to form those ridiculously huge, painful swollen cysts that stop me from turning my head or even look
  9. Interesting theory, but after thinking about it for a bit, I did used to live near someone who was overweight (pretty severely) and had acne.
  10. OK thanks Dan You know what really impresses me? The fact that you can always take the time to browse these message boards and post your responses - there's just one of you and (geez, how many of us?) and yet you manage to read and reply to almost everything. Amazing motivation. Keep it up Dan.
  11. hmm i kind of liked it better when it is a little thick because (contrary to logic) it seems to absorb quicker. Oh well, i'll just get used to it I guess. Thanks for everyone's feedback.
  12. Good god, that's an awesome improvement - very impressive!
  13. I have been noticing this for a while - sometimes after finishing a bottle of Dan's Gel (and after cutting it in half to get the last little bit out) I open a new bottle and find that the gel is a lot thinner - feels more watery and takes much longer to put onto my skin and absorb. I tried shaking/squeezing/massaging the bottle to get it all mixed a bit more but that didn't seem to help. Does anyone else notice this? Is it because some of the bottles are nearly a year old? (I buy in bulk bec
  14. Yes I am, but if i stop using BP on my neck then I still get acne there. It just seems like while BP stops the small acne spots, it makes larger ones instead.
  15. While the CSR works brilliantly on the main acne-prone part of my face (my beard-area), I have continuing problems with my neck, especially around the back. I get these HUGE cysts (I think that is what they are - really deep hard painful lumps that grow to 10-20mm for a couple of weeks to then turn soft and eventually burst after 2-3 days) but only on my neck, usually around the back or side. I went off the regime for most of last year (I was fine all year but acne came back when I travelled re