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  1. I agree with Wynne. The angle and light are very important, even the size of the picture made a difference. At first your scars looked very deep & your skin rough but once I saw your more realistic pictures, they are not bad at all. Your skin looks quite healthy and in the process of healing. Chemical peels and Retin A would help you tremendously and the sooner the better. Don't let scars establish themselves. I also heard that Green Cream works wonders for the smoothing of the skin, althou
  2. I tried bio-oil and I think it does plump up the skin and is good for maturing skin, but my skin broke out more when I used it. Many people don't and its a matter of how your own body responds to this product.
  3. YES YES YES :dance: I was put back on TANE. Thank you Jesus. This was great cause Cymbalta is working wonders for me, I'm calm & less obsessive about my skin. Now I can be on both. Thanks for the encouraging words and you are right, you can be on both but I just was not sure.
  4. Okay so I call my derm to tell him that I have some mild anxiety at work and would like something to take the edge off, the nurse immediately takes me off TANE (which was working so good) and had me see my primary physician to give me something. I'm now taking Cymbalta and seems to work great, minus the normal side effects. My questions is this? I see my derm tomorrow, do you think he'll put me back on tane if I tell him my meds are working? I'm scared cause tane was doing miracles on my face b
  5. I've heard good things about Dr. Ricciardelli on Shipyard Boulevard. He's in the Summit Cosmetic Surgery Center. I went to him for a consultation on my scarring once. You know what he said when I asked about collagen injections/laser resurfacing/dermabrasion? He said, "You would want a longer lasting procedure than collagen injections and I can't guarantee that you'd like the end results. If you still want collagen injections in a few years when the price goes down, you could consider it.
  6. This is what happened to me after my NLITE. I look so old & tired now. I have to leave my house to work & I still do stuff with my husband because I don't want our marriage to suffer but I feel desperate & hopeless & so messed up about this. I feel you 100% and I'm sorry.
  7. Got your email. I'll send it by Friday this week!
  8. I will, email me your mailing address at

    [email protected]

    I will send it this week sometime "Priority International" which should get to you 5-6 day. Please email me once you got it. Goodbye!

  9. Had NLITE & hated it. I've mentioned in every post I could so I can hopefully encourage people away from it. I do believe lasers aren't for people with acne type skin. But doc push them because they are the most expensive.
  10. I used to have very thick curly hair & about 3 years ago it started to be harder to style. With time my hair became less & less curly & its wavy & terribly thinner. I used to complain about my hair then but I would do anything to have my beautiful hair back. Now its okay but I can't grow it very long because its looks scraggly I really have no idea what happened but thanks for letting me vent.
  11. Hi everyone, I am on Accutane & I still have a bottle (almost completely full) of B5, I'd hate to throw it away since it's very expensive & I'm willing to give it up for free. I know this may sound weird & once I began writing this I realized that people may not want an opened bottle, but if anyone does I will send it PRO BONO.... God Bless God Bless
  12. OMG! I'm so sorry RomaGirl. The EXACT same thing happened to me a few months after Erbium Yag. I will never let another laser touch my face. It has ruined my life. Sorry you had to endure as well. What have you done to improve your skin? Mine seems to feel a little better to the touch, doesn't feel like sand paper anymore, & it has improved somewhat but I'm scared to death to do anything else. I'm on Tane now so I can't do anything for a while but I can hardly recognize myself in the mir
  13. I've been on Tane for 6 days now & I have seen a few bumps, but I did not have bad acne to begin with, lots of scarring however. I also was not any meds for about 6 months prior so I never had to stop anything. The whole purging thing I can deal with, but new breakouts freak me out, since being on tane slows down your body's ability to heal itself, I'd hate to have brand new red marks all over my face. Do any of you exfoliate? I used to do the baking soda every other day & ACV as a to