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  1. yes accutane is not a long term solution for everyone, had me coming back 3 x and I still have acne worse than ever now..definately seek the advice of a new derm she seems very incompetent, not even reading your file before you came. yep shes lost it.
  2. I'd agree with dirtydirtyharry, I used dove soap thinking it would be kinder and gentler for face skin, it wasn't. I do know they sell face care products as we have them here in NZ.
  3. I use Olay Total Effects with salicylic acid, this is the best moiturizer i have ever used!
  4. I'll do it, female and have had acne from 11 to present day 36, been on accutane 3 times.
  5. I just read this article here hope it helps.
  6. Not scared of me. But one of the other 2? She does AMAZING color and she is always booked solid. I look up to her a lot. I know they're threatened by her because she will never back down. They hassled her for a while (years) about doing things their way, but she's like "you hired me knowing how I am and how I work. i'm not going to change now". And I think that's fucking awesome. She can get away with it because she's so established. I'm not. I've only been in it for like 4 or 5 years. It was ne
  7. has a 30 day money back guarantee! worth looking into further I think. I'm happy you found something that works for alana
  8. I know these boards can have personal blogs too, perhaps all the "logs" and photo albums could be done that way and linked to the main front page of acne.org, or similar idea. The reason being is people are interested in results and progress.
  9. Definatley stop dating if its making you miserable as with your job if you think its just a phase that you're going through try to stick it out if you can, otherwise you could start to look for other alternatives, such as could you work in a different department, relocate, who is hiring within your industry? do you need a complete career overhaul, try something new. Keep going, you'll get there and good luck with whatever you try.
  10. to eat, to sleep, to learn, to be free, to acknowledge, to appreciate more often, to make this "moment and time" count.