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  1. Hi Thorn, Thanks for posting on my log, it has been a dreary first month, and it was nice to have even a few words of encouragement. I think that acne must be one of the worst things that a person could be cursed with, and I wonder sometimes what I did wrong to deserve this!! I think that you are right on, I would suggest setting yourself a time frame to stick simply on the reg, without alterations to the system, with a minimum of 8 weeks. I know that I have tended to give up on something pe
  2. Still pressing on, though I had FOUR new pimples emerge today!!!!!!!! I have been so diligent since my last screw up.
  3. I have been slacking on my regimen, and it shows. My face was showing improvement in the sense that I had not had any new pimples emerge in about a week, but I still was covered in nasty red marks. I went out drinking and didnt take care of my face one night, and just washed and moisturized the following morning, then didn't medicate again the following night. That was last Sunday and Monday. I am at square one again! My left side had broken out unforgivingly, and my neck is totally dried o
  4. hi there, I get them about 2 times a year and they are murder! I use Abreva the minute I feel it tingling for the first time, and apply it like a m.f. for the first day (like 7-10 times, washing your hands every time). Works like a charm, makes it go away within a day or so, and it never gets past the fever blister size. hope that helps. btw, your before and after pics are inspiring... I am on my 3rd week of dkr and hating it. hope it gets better take care, Geannie
  5. Ah, moved me, eh? That's good, I should be here anyway. I am at the end of my 3rd week. I am using BP at full strength 2 times a day. After my last post, my face was only dry and burning because it was sooo dry. I moisturized that morning without using any medication, and tried applying it again that night. All is good now as far as that goes. I try not to use any medication on my neck, since it becomes red and stings a bunch, eye lids as well (if it happens to meander there on accident t
  6. I tried ramping up the BP dosage to 2 times a day, but I woke up this morning and my whole face was dry and scaly. Gross. Still keeping with once a day, and not quite at full strength with the BP yet. Got another 2 awful, deep down pimples today, but again, I think that this is normal. I forgot to wash my face last night, but I am doing pretty good otherwise.
  7. I am a little over a week in, and I am pleasantly pleased! Here is what I am going through. The scabbing I was talking about, well, they are all drying out and just peeling off, leaving nothing but totally normal skin underneath. When I started, I had about 7 or 8 cycstic pimples and a mess of red spots and whatnot, and all but 3 of the cyctics have gone away (although 2 new ones came up today). A lot of the redness is still there, but I hear that this is normal. Not much improvement on
  8. Ok, i am on day 3 I think, and though I am not using the BP more than once a day (only at night right now), I know that this is going to suck. I am not able to pop any whiteheads that appear, which seem to have come up on every blemish I had previously. They are just hard as rocks! And picking anything is no good, since when I do, it SCABS over! My face doesn't look a whole lot worse than usual when I have makeup on (using Bare Escentuals only), but it hurts really bad and I have to keep che
  9. Got my gel tonight, started with Cetyphil gentle cleanser and lotion. I wanted to post a picture, but found out I couldn't here, my photo is too big. For some reason I cant upload my picture at the gallery. Also, I was wondering about the duration of washing... I need to wash longer than just a few seconds, since I wear makeup, so I hope that won't irritate anything... not like it isn't irritated already! OXOX, me
  10. Hi, I am 26 and sick of acne. I have tried ProActive, salic acid treatments, plenty of water and a good diet, mineral mud masks, WINDEX!! anything at all to dry out my skin and make me less self conscious. I have battled with acne since I was 12 and am sick of it. I hope that this regimen works... I ordered my BP gel tonight and will start sometime next week More later...