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  1. I have a small growing keloid on my earlobe... Do I have to get it excised or is it possible to get rid of it through injections?
  2. I dont know if this is melasma, PIH, PIE, but this uneven skintone has remained for over 5 years. There are some indentations, so am wondering if the indentations are affecting the color?
  3. what was the root cause? Candida? Did your thin skin and if so was it permanent?
  4. I've read so many articles talking about the thinned skin that occurs while taking Accutane. I've read from many that the skin returns to normal... but have read horror stories of that not being the case. What are your thoughts or experiences on this? (of Accutane temporarily or permanently thinning skin.) P.S. I am planning to go on accutane, hopefully low dose, for my random breakouts on the chin and around lips. I always get them randomly... just curious, but could poor oral hygeine c
  5. ehh there's only a single 1cm x 1cm rolling scar that was lifted... i heard the scars breaking up. But ugh, I think my derm proceeded to be overly eager after I busted out my phone to record the subcision a minute into the procedure... He was probably thinking " OMG, cameras, lights, action!"" hopefully i didn't push him into doing the subcision overly aggressive. Time will tell.
  6. Hello all, Hopefully some of you can help! I just subcision today and am worried that the entry points of the needle may scar. I had a 1cm by 1 cm area subcised and he entered from TWO points. He switched between the entry points, re-entering them multiple times, around 2-3 each. Is it common during a subcision to re-enter the needle into same entry points, like my doctor had done? Thanks,