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  1. i came here to ask the same exact question! i started tane like 2 weeks ago and ive been noticing im less of a horn dog and my erections arent as impressive. (and yes, they WERE VERY impressive before) it sucks cause what if i meet a girl. i need my A game man. A game or crappy skin....decisions, decisions...
  2. ya i know. wheneva i put my pic up obviously im not gonna show one where i look like shit with my acne at its worst, im gonna show the ones where i look my best which is like false advertizing ahaha
  3. Ayo Check it For blackheads and acne, whats a bettah dosage? Does one work faster than the other? Does one have more side effects than the other?
  4. for those of you that it did help, what dosage were u on?
  5. ive been on accutane for 2 weeks now and i havent had any signs of becoming a monster or going crazy or... GOT DAMN IT I HATE EVERYTHING!!! *jumps out window*
  6. its gross. i wake up in the morning and look in the mirror to find my face covered in falky white crap. i rinse my face but when it dries some is allways still there. groddyness. any way to stop this? i just started accutane 40mg every other day (so 20mg/day) and this has been my only side effect other than dry lips so i shouldnt complain.
  7. for the people that say tane made their skin more red, you were on a higher dose, right? ive found that high dose accutane aggravates rosacea while low dose treats it. what would be lose dose for someone of 140lbs?
  8. i tired the tanning beds for that reason....for only like a month hah. i didnt tan at all. how much exposure do you have to have before the aging effect happens?
  9. microdermabrasion is only for like a "fresh" look. it does nothing for blackheads, acne, scars, or any other imperfection. it just removes the dead/crappy layers of skin to reveal the newer, fresher looking layers underneathe.
  10. yea thats what i thought u would want it if ya could have it, dont kid yerself girl
  11. dont get no acne in the first place. which is hard i know
  12. ya...yer not perfect. i'd probably sleep with you... if im drunk. but otherwise i could do better. u said be honest,
  13. yea that was kinda stupid...id say quit yer bitchin and work and save up yer money.