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  • Birthday 07/25/1985

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    Somewhere in the USA
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    I would like to find out how to get rid of my acne forever!!!
  1. Is your name in reference to subarus? if so, you rock! i'm in love with STIs and WRXs

  2. You look very beautiful! Glad to see your progress is going well. :)

  3. Subiechick

    My Acne

    I might not have severe acne, but at times I get it bad. I hate to say this but at times I am greatful for that "just one pimple" on my cheek, rather than the massive sore looking acne all over.
  4. Pictures of friends, family, and me!
  5. neat information... I will def. try it! Thanks for this post. SuBieChiCK)
  6. I have been dipping my face for 3 days now... and my skin is clearing up really nicely! I had mild acne... mainly on my chin and cheeks.. now they are going away, and my scars are fading too!! I wash my face with basis soap, and pat dry. I use a daily moisturizer to keep the drying down, and eye creme. This is so much better than having to use treatments, and other harmful chemicals that made my skin worse and sooo red!! I am thankful to find out about this simple and helpful routine that has