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  1. oh my gosh! that's genius! i never thought of using it on my back, but it really makes sense. i have all these random moles everywhere and a few stubborn red marks on my back. no one would ever notice... THANK YOU
  2. This is a great trick! It was featured in an old beauty and makeup book by the makeup artist who used to work on Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner, and Raquel Welch. His name was George Masters. I've used it on back acne when I've had formal events. It beats trying to put on foundation in difficult to reach areas. Nobody is necessarily going to remember whether you had a mole in a specific spot or not. They'll only remember that you looked fantastic.
  3. I say this in jest ...but is regeneration what you really want in excising a mole? Could you imagine the horror the patient would have watching the mole grow back exactly how it was! I doubt our genome codes for every single mole we have on our skin (it's exact place, color, size) but wouldn't it be funny (in a cruel way) if a regenerative approach made the mole grow back? Yeah I know, I'm starting to think this is unhealthy. I understand it's in jest, but we just won't know until regene
  4. You're welcome Scarcrash- We didn't actually know that Juvista wouldn't help existing scars (even after revision) until about a year ago. About five years ago the banner on Renovo's website and the come on in all their marketing to lure investors was that they were frontiering the future of "Scarfree Healing." There was no qualifing statement to suggest that it would only be helpful for pre-surgical care or new wounds. However it does turn out that in those cases it will (in all likelihood)
  5. You know I think that eveybody just needs to try on different skirt lengths and go with what works best for them. I have big calves from years of dancing and ice skating and have always admired girls with long and thin legs. I have to practically get down to 98 pounds before my legs look thin, BUT I have a tiny waist...so there is always something to be thankful for. I look best in either short skirts or really long skirts. Almost anything in between just seems to draw attention to my massiv
  6. Hi Scarcrash, I went through your post and here are my thoughts: Scarcrash: People undergoing subscision have the scar tendrils that are tethering down their scars cut and released and most have had substantial results. The reason why their scars are then still visible is the fact that although the scar tissue has been cut from the subcutaneous structures, the distorted structure of the scar tissue itself remains, nonetheless. Anna: When I performed my subcision I went from having an atroph
  7. Scarcrash, Are you saying that the mass of skin (cell quanitity) in atrophic scars is the same to that of healthy tissue and it is just compressed and distorted? Thanks, Anna
  8. My understanding is that there is no difference between the powder and sheet form. It is just more efficient for a large wound to use the sheets. As I have imagined it in my head, when the body senses an open wound it goes into alert and tries to close the wound. The nutrients hit a roadblock. ACell (regardless of the form) act as a bio-electric patch. It tricks the body into thinking it doesn't have an open wound and it allows the nutrients drive along even though the road (tissue) isn't t
  9. fraxelwaxel, Which forum? Do you have a link?? Thanks! Anna
  10. That is correct. The vet version is not approved for human use. However, the version for human use is approved under the same approval as Integra. Below is what I have put together on ACell (Vet). Anybody responding to this please don't quote as it is LONG. Thanks! Anna: What is ACell ACell is an acellular matrix harvested from the tissue layers surrounding the lamina propria of the urinary bladder mucosa of SPF pigs. It’s cell free composition ensure that there is no immunological ti
  11. ACell is approved for human use just as Integra is. The problem is that after the lawsuit they need to start all over.
  12. Jan31, You know, outside of the TCA treatments you might want to hold off doing any more excisions. If Renovo's products are able to greatly reduce surgical scars that would be great for excisions! Let me know how you like the green smoothie! It has done wonders for my skin. Just a warning though...they are NOT low calorie. I gained five pounds with these as I started having them in the morning. I've never been a breakfast girl so this extra food in the morning has porked me out a little b
  13. Juvesta, ACell, and ReCell all would need to be used at the time of initial wounding or revision, so if you already have a scar it would need to be excised. I'm not sure what the approval status is of ReCell. There is some talk of integrating ACell into Restylane or some type of filler to perhaps turn it into a more permanent solution for sunken defects or scars. Anna I'm not to sure you can mix acell, I've read that even the slightest antibiotic can make it ineffective. I reckon putting r