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  1. i dont know how well this is working for me, after using this for 4 days all ive found is larger bumps on my forehead [which is usally covered by my hair] but bothers me a bit, i think it did make one large zit on my nose die faster which is still "dying" ehh i might keep going idk....we'll see... jimbooo
  2. Dan, i'm listening to proactive commercials as we speak and litterally raging to that and to your reaction. Proactive is a BS product, and a goal of mine is to beat that company. If it won't be done with acne.org, it will be tried with another company. However, without acne.org, this process will be extremely hard. Everything is in place at acne.org to take the next step in the acne market. I rage to a company that claims to provide a better product than accutane. Rick J.
  3. good luck with your 2nd month of being on tane!!
  4. i have a question about this, i started trying this a couple weeks ago, i think it gave me a sore throat and a stomache ache, anyone else having these same problems? ive read threw the first say 15 pages of this thread i believe i haven't seen anyone with those exact problems. Let me know what you think because if you dont think it causes that im going to go back on ACV thanksss jimbooo
  5. Good luck with using tane, hoping i can get on it later if my face gets worse...ehh
  6. deffinetly very weird but you should consider asking your derm about it if it bothers you and really affects you.
  7. thanks wont use i guess ill return them =\ thanks for the imput! jimbooo
  8. Hello, This is my first post here although i have been observing this forum for quite a while and using some of the regimens. anyway to the point. i bought some biore ultra nose strips a few weeks ago, i almost always get pimples on my nose so these are a must to try, i have one "swollen" bump on my right side of my nose which is bothering me quite i bit i have applied alot of 10% and some 5% bp on it everyday with the normal regimen. i was wondering if it would "hurt" me to put one nose strip