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  1. Although I have never seen the results of tanning while on Tane. There is a clear warning that over exposure to sun and UVs is a bad idea. Accutane greatly dimminshes your skins ability to heal. So tanning is a bad idea. You just run the risk of causing more issues.
  2. I had facial acne and body acne in highschool but my facial acne went away within a year after turning 18 and then my body acne got really bad. I actually wish my facial acne didn't go away. I was so used to hiding my body acne in highschool that I was to embarassed and ashamed to seek treatment from a dermatologist. If my face acne had been more persistant after highschool I think I would have been more likely to seek treatment then just to hide it. I was 23 before I sought treatment for my b
  3. My guess would be by applying it to dry skin first you won't be diluting the acid, therefore not diminsihing the effects of the glycolic acid.
  4. I was thinking about trying Glycolic acid for my red marks. I was just wondering since I need to apply it to my back and chest that it will not bleach/discolor my clothing?
  5. I just noticed they have a Hand and Body lotion too. It says it Balances uneven skin tone Moisturizes dry skin, Exfoliates dead skin. With 14% glycolic compound. I don't know what to choose for red marks just on my back and chest. -Facial Cleanser -Shampoo and Body Cleaser -Hand and Body Lotion Any ideas? I guess I could jsut order their body pack wich comes with both the body cleanser and body lotion
  6. Is this Aqua Glycolic aslo affective on Body Red marks. I really don't need to worry about my face becasue I have no acne or red marks on my face, just my chest and back. I noticed they solde a shampoo and body cleanser withg 14% glycolic. Which would be better for clearing red marks. The Shampoo and Body cleanser or the face cleanser?
  7. Finaly got around to updating my log with the final results. See the Final section of my orignal post.
  8. Their is ZERO evidence that suggests accutane can cause or worsen depression. The only reason that accutane comes with a Depression warning is that their were a couple of high profile cases. Where teens had killed themselves while taking accutane (one was the son of a a U.S congressman) Which led to the conclusion by the U.S congress that accutane was related to depression.
  9. Joint pain is a possible side effect of Accutane. I am doing weight trainging and cardio while on my course. I am finising up my fitth month on tane with zero probles related to accutane and exercise. No joint pain. In fact the exercise as been huge because not only is the results of accutane a huge confidense booster, but I have lost 40lbs since starting accutane and I feel so much better about myself.
  10. I was refered by my family doctor, i went to see him once about me acne. He put me on minocin and then sent a referal to a dermantologist right away. I was notified a week later from the family doctor that I had an appointment in a month with the dermatologist
  11. I will be finished my accutane treatment in 3 weeks. Amazing results all the active acne on my back and chest are gone. I had no acne on my face. Now I need to start dealing with the red marks (and scaring too), but I want to deal with the marks first. I have no idea were to start. I am looking for recommendations. The acne on my chest and back used to be really severe, so I have a lot of red marks. I was thinking about trying the ACV and backing soda regime, however it was mentioned to me th
  12. Accutane only treats the cause of red marks and scarring; Acne. Unfortuantly accutane slows down the skins ability to heal itself so red marks would probably fade a little slower than normal while on accutane.