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  1. Day 1-3:The first three days I haven't experienced anything. Luckily, I haven't gotten any headaches or stomach aches! I'm usually very sensitive to any medication so this is good! Day 4: This is today. The inside of my nose is starting to get dry and is SO itchy...I noticed on my nose and a little near my eyes on my cheeks is kinda dry, but barely noticeable. I'm just looking at everything so closely I can't help it! Pretty much my whole face is a little itchy but not bad. No new pimples yet. A
  2. I got really bad acne starting in March because of a bipolar medication (pretty positive). I had some before that around my period but never that bad. Then it just blew up....I would get recurring little red bumps around my temples and clogged pores, blackheads, red bumps on my cheeks. Sometimes it would even look rashy? I've tried otc products, clindamycin, duac, benzoyl peroxide, salycilic acid, diet changes, drinking plenty of water, minocycline, etc. I was prescribed tretinoin but heard it c