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  1. I noticed my depression started when my acne kicked in.
  2. I hope everything works out for you.
  3. I take Coromega fish oil. Suppose to be the best.
  4. I had 6 treatments and to be honest it not do a damn thing for me.
  5. thats pretty mild. maybe a couple of peels would do the trick
  6. Ya, this sounds weird, but sometimes I use toilet seat covers from public bathrooms. They are hygenic (at least they are supposed to be) and are good at getting rid of some of the oily residue.
  7. Kinkii

    my scars left side

    Check into subsiscion for the larger scar.
  8. I had long and short hair. And acne was the same with both styles.
  9. For some people acne lasts a very long time
  10. Kinkii

    birthday zit

    HAppy birthday even though its late.
  11. Never tried on my acne but the stuff works great on sore muscles.
  12. I do it because I like the high I get from it. But does nothing for my acne.
  13. I use Dove Body Wash for sensitive skin and hasn't caused any more breakouts.