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  1. thanks for that man. yeah if was to do a cycle id just start with a test e only. I wouldnt want to stress my liver out with pills. If your on accutane you best stay far away from the sun or youll be super sorry. Your skin is so sensitive on the crap. id also stay away from the drinks. i never drank while on sccutane. ive heard of people doing it and being ok but its still very damaging to your liver and such. your body is in a weak state from the stuff.
  2. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this has nothing to do with accutane. 7 years ago you were 15! Of course your going to be more angery when your 22 your at the peak of your testosterone. learn how to control yourself maybe anger management would be good for you. practice self discipline.
  3. Hi everyone. I finished accutane probly over 5 months ago now. I was on it for 6 months and got pretty good results. i barley get any zits anymore. i havent had a bad breakout since i finished. I just one or twonsmall one once in a while. im very happy with my skin these days and love accutane for it. Heres the thing though. ive been bodybuilding for a while now and want to take it to the next level. Im thinking about tring a test cycle. My main concern though is my acne returning. I really do
  4. thanks. SOunds like your going pretty extreme! I couldnt handle that. the product im taking takes a month to complete so theres no way id starve myself like that. I think im going to eat alot of fibery meats like chicken turkey and tuna. and just eat as much veggies and complex carbs as i can. also alot of oils. After im done doing this im going to do a candida cleanse and then a liver flush.
  5. Ive beening looking around for food to eat while on a bowel cleanse. But all i can find are lists of foods not to eat. Anyone have any links or ideas. Note. i workout and still need to keep protein high.
  6. JUSt thought id drop by and say I love accutane. its only been three months post tane but im still super clear and my skin keeps looking better now that the dryness and redness are going away! Thanks to everyone on here! keep this site going strong and keep the information and experiences coming. Really hope im cured if not ill be back more often again. take care.
  7. yeah its been bothering the f#icking crap out of me for a few days now. i guess its time to hit the doctor. I cant seem to find a good one that actually cares. Or takes any sort of time to figure anything out.
  8. could anyone give me a step by step liver flush for dummies type thing. I would like to do one but dont want to screw it up. Also do you lose alot of muscle while not eating protein for that long?
  9. At first i thought i had psoriasis on my scalp. But now im pretty sure its dermatitis. I just finished my accutane course a couple months ago. I was feeling pretty good about my skin so decided to shave my head....big screw up. I found a few huge red patches. that dried up and flaked. I used polytar soap and that helped alot. the patches are know gone but know i have red sore bumps all over.......... shit my skin will never give me a damn break. Anyway i looked all over the net and cant find muc
  10. whoa man you look awsome. Congrats on success with it. I finished one week ago tomorrow and im very happy with my results too. I can totally relate with you on waking up and stressing out until i go to the mirror and check my face and back. Fuck its become a mental habbit now. haha its always great to find im clear though. Lately ive been having nightmares that Im covered with bad acne. I guess it will take awhile to get used too. haha. Anyway take care and stay clear!!!
  11. Yeah i got really dry eyes. I just finished yesterday. But my eyes have been blood shot for the last two months and get really blurry in the morning. Shitty deal.
  12. yes i most likely read the exact same pages that you did aswell. And it scared the fuck out of me. I posted it here a few times and people didnt seem to care. So youll probely get the same reaction. The thing about accutane is you can find endless bad info about it doing horrible things to you. Im just ending my six months treatment and i feel fine. You did it befor and you are fine. millions have done it and have been fine. So some people have done it and got super fucked up... is it really fro
  13. just be happy man things will get better. Most white people get alll red in the face so be glad your pale instead.
  14. It doesnt matter if you dont take whey. Just eat alot of meat. and if your still cant get enough protein outta that then grab yourself some soy protein or vegpowder. Theres alot of other good alternatives. On a side note getting a couple new spots might have nothing to do with the whey at all. And if it did maybe your allergic to dairy.
  15. do you know anything about roids?? You may clear up during your course but after your hormones levels get all out of wack and if your pron to acne already you will most likely breakout badly. But your muscles would be in better shape not so much your liver though. What the hell are you talking about anyway?