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  1. nice sig. great song

  2. I shave my pubes. Frequently in the shower, when no ones looking.
  3. Thats okay! You are still a human being who contributes to this world
  4. Ebay is one big trap. I tried to sell my car for over 9000 dollars on it. Some chicken backed out of the deal. He said that he could not afford it. I argued it and told him to discuss it with me. It turns out he was some angry German kid. His excuses sounded like they were from 100 years ago. I was so frustrated it was a mugu. I tried to get his machine code. no binaries where found . I failed for great justice
  5. When your jellow pudding is at an all time low and you can't play your jazz instruments like you used to.
  6. I don't see an off topic forum so i'll post this here. just want to determine the common age of users.