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  1. Hi everyone. So I've been back on the broth for almost a week now (I started last Friday), and while my skin isn't actually much better, I think it's definitely helping! This is because today is Day 14 of my cycle which is usually a TERRIBLE time (Days 13-16 are hell), and actually I've only had a couple of breakouts - and they're not cysts, just spots (though admittedly one is quite deep.) Obviously this could all change in the next day or so, but for now I'm happy! Anyway I need advice - h
  2. Yasmine93

    Back on it

    Hey everyone. So sorry for disappearing, I went travelling for three weeks (big roadtrip woohoo) and couldnt keep up with the internet or, sadly, the bone broth! I have now been back for three days and am back on the broth. While I was away I stuck to a paleo diet 95% of the time, with the very occasional cheat/accidental slip up. However, around ovulation my skin went MAD and I legit nearly threw myself off the edge of the grand canyon. Boo. Now that I've been tracking my skin for a few mon
  3. Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA I went travelling for three weeks!! GentleSteve - I try to drink bone broth at least twice a day, about a mug full each time, and sometimes I make it into a meal by using it as the base of a soup! Piaffe93 - thanks for the comment! It's okay at the moment, not great but i totally fell off the bone broth bandwagon while travelling (I had no way to brew it in my campervan haha) so have taken a backwards step! Back on it now though, going to start updating again.
  4. HEY FRIENDS. Today is day 11 and things are definitely improving!! Despite only drinking the broth twice a day, my skin is definitely calming down and beginning to heal. Food wise, i've been 90% paleo (small mishaps such as small amounts of seed oils/gf flour), and I am aiming to reach 100% soon (still working out what is and isn't safe!) On top of that I've been drinking broth every morning and evening. Interestingly, I didn't have broth for breakfast this morning because I'd run out and my
  5. Yasmine93

    Day 8/9

    Uh oh, slight backwards step to report! Just noticed (evening Day 9) that I have lots of new forehead spots under the surface, plus one small one on my chin. This is actually quite distressing because for the past few days, I haven't had any new ones and I thought I was on a roll! However, one of the following things may be to blame (sorry if this is boring to read but I want to keep this noted down for my own records so I can spot patterns!) - Been eating eggs for breakfast - known trigger
  6. WOOOO ITS DAY 7! Okay not going to lie, I cheated today boooo! I had some Cadbury's milk chocolate from an easter egg that was left in the kitchen. Not much, mind, but still. SHAME ON ME. Won't do it again! Keeping up with broth 2 x day (one mug in morning, one in evening before bed) + water kefir + digestive enzymes. Eating paleo (made paleo fishcakes for dinner which were delicious and didn't feel at all restrictive) and trying to stay on track despite easter temptations everywhere! Ski
  7. Yasmine93

    Day 6

    Hi friends! Today is day 6, and apart from basing my breakfast and lunch around broth (turned it into soup by adding some veg and chicken!) , i'm eating a normal paleo diet. However, still consumed probably 3-4 cups of broth today (and aiming to keep this up for at least the next week.) Food wise I'm not struggling at all, and have allowed myself to slightly deviate from the plan when necessary. For example, I went to dinner with friends last night and had a small chunk of meringue with ber
  8. Yasmine93

    Day 3

    Thanks so much guys! I am taking photos already so if this lifestyle change clears my skin (fingers crossed!) I'll release before and after photos xxx
  9. Yasmine93

    Day 4/5

    Hi friends, So today is Day 5 and I wanted to update you all. I have been eating a mix of bone broth + solid paleo food for the last couple of days, though I did indulge a little over Easter in an egg that was dairy, soy, gluten and GMO free and organic! It obviously contained some sugar but I thought it was a good Easter compromise haha. The brand was MooFree or something (UK) and to be fair it was actually pretty good... made me feel like I wasn't totally missing out! Anyway, my tummy
  10. Yasmine93

    Day 3

    Day 3 Update! So yesterday (day3) wasn't really a fast at all - I drank lots of bone broth (a mix of homemade, and one from pret-a-manger which was so strong!) but also ate some solid food (all paleo/AIP) including avocado, salmon, kale, greens and chicken breast. This was mostly due to hunger/being fed up of liquids! My skin isn't looking significantly better, but it has definitely calmed somewhat, and the number of new breakouts is minimal - maybe three since I started the regime (for pers
  11. Hi everyone! It is now the morning of Day Three and I want to update you all on Day One/Two. Day One - managed to stick to just broth all day, apart from a small amount of coconut water in the evening which surprisingly really upset my tummy! Will avoid coconut from now on and attempt to reintroduce after my fast and see if I react again. Went to bed hungry which was so hard! Skin (unsurprisingly, its day one haha, looks the same) Day Two - managed to stick to broth mostly apart from o
  12. Yasmine93

    Day One

    Today is Day One of my gut healing protocol. It's basically my last chance to heal my skin, because I have tried EVERYTHING else! Antibiotics (twice,), BC, BP, salicylic acid, accutane (isotretinoin) (couldn't keep going due to horrific side effects so acne came back.) I've tried dairy free, low fat, vegetarian, vegan... you know the drill. After extensive research (we're talking bloody hours trawling the internet and looking at ebooks, blogs, PubMed, etc., I have decided the acne is a direct
  13. Hi! Did you decide what to do? Just a heads up that I have just had to stop my accutane course due to unbearably dry eyes and mood swings - the chances of accutane making your eyes drier are quite high, and I know how miserable that can be! In the end I decided that I'd rather have acne (which I'm hoping I can tackle with a low sugar diet/other medication!) than damaged eyes which could potentially prevent me from following my career dreams Good luck to you x
  14. Hi Frenchie. Any chance of an update? My eyes are red and dry now and hoping you recovered!
  15. Hi there, I have been on accutane for just over two months now, first on 30 mg/day, then 45mg/day (i weigh 60kg.) Just before starting my third month I noticed that my left eye was very red and irritated. I bought eye drops and started my highest dose - 60mg/day, for 5 days before the redness drove me mad. I googled 'accutane red eye' and found dozens of horror stories of persistent, long-term accutane damage to eyes - including chronic dry eyes. Obviously this has terrified me, and four day