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  1. so i went to my derm he prescribed me with tetracycline, 10% bp, and differin at night does anybody think this is a good regemin? ive been on it for 2 weeks
  2. im curious as to why i have acne growing under my hair(headhair) , not facial i have a lot more acne grow on my forehead then the rest of my face suggestions?
  3. you all need to stop masturbating and get a bitch with a pair of nice fuckin titties
  4. ok my H+S shampoo says it has zinc pyrithione.. should i buy the classic clean with zinc oxide also, how do you apply it to your back.. like just lather it onto your hands?
  5. i can tell its working, im just not sure whether or not to continue dans regimin
  6. i have the same problem, one side of my face is pretty clear and the other side has a lot of zits
  7. i was wondering if there was some form of recommended shampoo for people who grow acne under there hair like the back of my head above my neck.. nobody ever sees it because my hair covers it but it really gets on my nerves also i would like to know if this is true my laser doctor told me the hair hanging over my forehead gives me forehead acne.. is this true, should i get it shortened? please help
  8. olean, NY.. i guess theres 2 but one retired and the other isnt taking new patients until may
  9. i hate bacne! why is it that everytime i shower and dry off, like 10 minutes after i dry, my chest , face, and shoulders feel dry and irritated, sometimes my chest gets red..i have no idea i have mild acne on my chest, back (not shoulders) and mild to moderate acne on my face.. i use this aveeno cleanser for my back+chest and dans regimen for my face.. i think its because i have a problem with my liver, neither of my brothers have any body acne, theyve only had a rare pimple or two on their f
  10. i had this mole on my face since i was liikee 3, i tried to remove myself (stupid) and it left this puffy scar thats white.. its very disgusting looking and it ruins my social life ive had it for about a year and im not sure what to do about it heres a pic it looks brown in the pic bc my webcam is lame, but its really puffy, white, and keeps getting bigger its so annoying because on the right side of my face, i have that thing, 2 moles on my cheekbone and mile acne.. i hate it the left