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  1. Did you stay on zenatane? How is your skin now
  2. Thank you I did end up going to tryouts yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I thought !
  3. Yeah you're right thank you! Thank you! And I can't wear makeup during practice and tryouts not because we're not aloud but because I'm sure my skin is going to get worse if I do because I will be sweating a lot and stuff and my makeup will probably be sweated off by the anyways and I think it would just feel so gross to try working out during practice and giving it my best while having makeup on even if it is tinted moisturizer I don't think that would be good for my skin either
  4. Hi! I have pretty bad skin (today is my second day on accutane) and I have a lot of red scarring that looks awful like acne + acne. I want to tryout for cheerleading but I am scared because I never even leave my house without having makeup on. I feel like I'm just going to be judged and that is really discouraging to me even though I really want to tryout, but I can't wear makeup to tryouts and if I make it in I won't be able to wear makeup to practice either and I just feel really nervous about
  5. Thanks but yeah my skin worsened a lot and I gave it a chance to see if it could improve and it never did just kept getting worse.
  6. I quit the regimen but I am sleeping on that side but the acne isn't where I put the pillow to my face (I make sure to lay down and have the pillow only touching a small part of my skin) but what's the ZIIT method?
  7. I actually quit it's just too much for me and my skin was so dry to the point I couldn't go out, also my skin actually worsened a lot now that I see pictures of me before the regimen
  8. Heey everyone! I had been on the regimen for almost a month (the 19th would have been a month and I quit the 16th). I quit because while being on it my skin got worse and there was barely any clearing. I got a huge cluster of deep painful cystic acne on a part of my face where I have never really experienced acne. Since I quit, I am now doing a new regimen. Here it is: Morning: Wash face with clarisonic + biore charcoal cleanser Moisturize with clean and clear morning burst gel moisturize
  9. Okay so I have been on the regimen for almost one month (in 3 days it will be 1 month) and I'm honestly thinking about quitting but I can't decide if I should. Since going on the regimen my skin has been super flaky and dry and I tried adding jajoba oil into the mouisturizer and that did significantly decrease the flakyness and dryness of my skin but I think it breaks me out. Also, since starting the regimen my skin has actually gotten worse and I have a cluster of painful, deep cystic pimples o
  10. In 4 days it will be 1 month of me being on the regimen. I don't know if I should continue because I feel like I've seen more worsening of my skin than improvement. I have big horrible cystic acne on my right cheek and it's like a cluster of 7 cystic pimples(more acne on other parts of the face but this is just my most problematic area at the moment) and before starting the regimen I maybe had just one cystic pimple on my right cheek. Is it normal for acne to get worse while on the regimen? Plea
  11. Okay I went to the dermatologist today and showed him the acne.org products I've been using (the regimen) and he said I should only be using the benzoyl peroxide at night since it's irritating to the skin and since it's so strong. What do you guys think? I've been on the regimen for 2 weeks and 4 days and my skin is still red and irritated so should I listen to my dermatologist or should I continue using the benzoyl peroxide twice a day because my skin is just getting used to it? (Btw I am using
  12. You should since you've been on it for a month!
  13. Okay, I am almost 100% sure that my cystic pimples that usually occur on my chin, around my mouth and just in general on the bottom half of my face are caused by a hormonal imbalance. I was wondering if I should try inositol to fix it since I've heard many mixed reviews about BC for acne. What are your experiences with inositol and hormonal acne, and what brands of inositol is best, or do they all work the same? Please reply.
  14. Why don't you use the moisturizer that comes with the regimen?