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  1. Okay. An update after a really long time. I've just finished my fourth month. Accutane has helped a lot but I'm still getting new zits. Not nearly as many but it's very frustrating when I see one. I guess I am eligible for two more months, which I will probably opt to take given the choice. My side effects aren't too bad at all, nothing I can't tolerate. It's mainly just scars now, and some fading red spots. God I hate acne.
  2. April 7: SIDE EFFECTS! Incredibly dry, chapped lips, itchy scalp, etc. I guess that means it's working.
  3. I am day ten as well, and I am feeling the exact same side effects. I used some Cetaphil on my face, and it helped a little. I don't have any ideas about the scalp though, sorry.
  4. March 31: Nothing has changed, I'm not yet expierencing any side effects yet. When outdoors I have been wearing sunscreen though. I broke out sorta bad last night but that may be due to stopping topicals and such. I've also been slightly drowsy, but that could be completley unrelated. Also, I am really digging being able to eat with the pill. Unlike minocycline. I would get so hungry, ugh.
  5. March 29, 2007: I started this morning. I am on 20mg 2x a day. I took the first pill with a glass of whole milk, a bowl of frosted mini wheats, and some orange juice. Here goes.
  6. I would love to keep track of our progress together. I have no idea what PM me is though!! Sorry. Let me know and I will do it.
  7. Well, this is where I am going to log my progress (obviously). I have a camera so hopefully in 6 months I can do some comparison shot and be like, "zomfg it looks so much better". That is assuming the accutane works. Brief history: - acne started around age 13ish -got severe-ish around 17 (currently 19) -tried alot of OTC, antibiotics, and prescription topicals -back,arms,chest, and face are covered in lovely infectious death So this is the first entry: March 26, 2007: I go to the doctor
  8. I'm starting in 2 days as well! If you wanna compare expierences and whatnot PM me. And I had the same thing when I went to the doctor today, I was fairly clear when I went in. But he was a really cool guy and seemed to understand. I think he had a few acne scars so maybe he used accutane back in the day.
  9. Good to hear that it worked for you. It worked great for my sister too. You might want to read up on Apple Cider Vinegar, I believe lots of people have gotten good results with it.