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  1. I have been on Spiro for about 6 months. This past month is basically quit working as I had a bad cystic breakout. Anyways, during this time, I noticed that my pee has gotten really dark, more so than usual. And these past days I have been SO thirsty!! I cant really go to a doctor at the moment but I am planning on lowering my dose from 50mg to 25mg, and then stopping. Has anyone else experienced these side effects? I am a bit worried about the dehydration it is causing my body,
  2. I have been taking this for the past 6 months or so (started at 25mg, and upped to 50mg) - and have had wonderful results. I moved abroad about 3 months ago and no acne at all. Maybe a few small ones but thats it. I kept my skincare exactly the same and still wash my face with distilled water (as I did at home). But this past week, my skin has broken out horribly! Mostly all above my upper lip and now I feel some cysts brewing under my skin... I am devastated. I don't know if its because of
  3. So, I just spent the past 5 months living in Barcelona, Spain - and my skin got progressively worse as I was there. I was breaking out non-stop, with large cysts. I would also wake up every morning to a few white heads. I didn't change my skin care routine at all when I was there. I was starting to feel hopeless about my skin.. I believe my breakouts were caused by either: Humidity Pollution Hard Water Well, I just got back home, to Northern Nevada, a very dry, arid region… and my skin h
  4. I was at a friend's house having out with a huge group of people and this guy, a health doctor of sorts, starts talking about my skin in front of EVERYONE! He claimed he could cure my acne and make my skin look "normal." The sad part is that my skin was actually pretty good at the time (no active breakouts, just starting) and I was finally confident enough not to wear makeup. Another time, this little girl asked what all the red spots on my face were…
  5. I know, it sucks. Acne is the absolute worst, especially in a society that idealizes external beauty. I'm 24 and still struggling with cystic acne. I've managed to get it under control to some degree, through trial and error, and learning what my triggers are, but I've come to accept that it is a condition that I just have to deal with. I've been so depressed because of it, and I've even wanted to kill myself when my breakouts are really bad, but thats just life, and life is full of struggles
  6. Raw pumpkin seeds are also a great anti-parasitic! I have heard a lot of talk about how parasites can lead to acne...
  7. I don't understand what the hype about DIM is? I tried taking it for two weeks and i experienced one of the worst breakouts of my life!! Prior to taking it, I did a month long cleanse where I ate really healthy, quit smoking, worked out, ect, ect.
  8. Interesting, I've been wanting to try oil of oregano, but its so darn expensive. It really is suppose to do wonders for the body, from what I've heard. It seems like you are more or less following a low glycemic diet? I noticed an improvement when I cut out sugar/refined carbs, but unfortunately I'm still breaking out on occasion.
  9. Has your skin improved anymore since? I am a long-time, chronic user of marijuana and I'm coming to the conclusion that it might be messing with my skin. I also haven't gone more than a few weeks without smoking… I have a nagging feeling that weed can really mess with your hormones.
  10. I think it is possible. When it comes down to it, its all about meeting the right person at the right time. I somehow was able to clear my skin for about 2 years, thanks to many expensive esthetician appointments, but even with clear skin, I did not find love. Yes, it gave me more confidence, and I was able to go out without any shame or self-doubt, but I still met just as many douche bags as I do now with less than perfect skin. If anything, I think I attracted more superficial type guys, ya
  11. I recently moved to Barcelona, Spain and my skin has been breaking out constantly since I've been here. I don't know if its the stress or the pollution or the water or the humidity, but I can't seem to find any relief for my skin. My skin care routine which worked wonderfully before seems to be ineffective… I feel like I'm back at square one with my skin, AGAIN. I recently got a job offer to work in a small village in Northern France this summer but I am having doubts because of my skin… Part
  12. Viviant Skincare Exol-A. I just made a post about it. Out of the million products I have tried, it's by far the best. It's pricy but it really worked for me.