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  1. After the most gruelling four months of my life i am finally finishing my course in 2 days At this present time (touch wood) i have no active acne But i have marks from where i used to have it Whats the best way to get rid of these marks? The thing is i really don't want to use a product that is going to get my acne going again.... Thanks
  2. Hi, Was just wondering if you guys do anything as soon as you have 'popped' a spot. I always seem to have a very red, obvious mark for 24hours afterwards. Is there any tips or tricks to reduce the redness and swelling? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am 10 weeks into my accutane course and am still constantly getting new spots. I have a nearly full bottle of dalacin topical solution from last Summer and was thinking of using it at night before i go to bed. Would this help or make matters worse? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I am about halfway through a 70mg a day 16 week accutane course so am now starting to look towards the end of my course. For those who have completed accutane, what happens to your skin when you have finished? Does it continue to improve? How long do the side effects last? Thanks
  5. ANNNNDD you can cover up red marks pretty well, its much harder to cover up a lump on your face
  6. thats red marks for sure, looks very similar to mine, about 70-80% of the time my skin is flat and smooth as a babys bottom but it doesn't look like it feels. i'm 2 and a half months into accutane, just going through another break out and tearing my hair out over it all but i would rather have red marks than active acne thats for sure. keep the faith up and i'm sure they will clear up over time. can anyone else offer effective solutions to red marks???
  7. does anti-anxiety medication interfere with accutane?
  8. no i have never taken any steroids, protein shakes or supplements and i am on accutane at the moment sounds like a bit of a debateable topic this one !!!
  9. haha thanks guys that has cheered me up a bit will have to get some relaxation tapes can anyone reccommend any good ones i live in the UK Thanks
  10. yer i chew sugarfree gum most of the day and i do work out, 5 times a week in fact doing weight training and running and STILL i have problems
  11. yer i mean i wait until the white stuff comes to the surface before i pop it anyone else got an opinion?
  12. when do you find the best time to pop spots is? i usually wait until i can see a whitehead or do you not do it all? i can't stand walking round with whiteheads on my face though and as soon as its popped it clears alot quicker i find thanks
  13. i have been weight training for 3 and a half years now i have had acne for 3 and a half years now is there a link?? thanks
  14. hey all i have been using aqueous cream on my body for a while now, i am a 19 year old lad who is 9 weeks into accutane. i have heard it can be used as a cleanser..any1 tried this before? i am also considering using it as a moisturiser as it gives such great results on dry skin on my body but don't know whether it is face friendly or will block pores?? can any1 help? thanks