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  1. Sorry for the rather marketing sounding title, just thought this might be a place where I can get some advice So I've dealt with acne for a very long time.... I've had my ups and downs like everyone else here. I noticed about 2 years ago that my acne can be made about 95% clear through diet and ever since I've been gluten/wheat, soy, and dairy free. The last couple of months I've been at about 4800 calories bulking (eating in a calorie surplus to gain muscle mass and strength) at the gym whi
  2. Yes I know I'm a complete idiot. Basically, I had severe cystic acne as an anorexic teen...went on my first course of Accutane at the end of 17 and it cleared up my acne pretty fast and nicely. As soon as I got off it I was getting mild acne so my dermatologist put me on another course... I did the course and my skin cleared up again. 3 months after stopping mild acne came back...dealt with that for a few months.. got appendicitis where I eat pretty much nothing for 2 weeks...my acne looked as
  3. @beautifulambition Thanks again for your detailed response! I think I’m going to just do low dose and come off when I need to a few weeks before treatments (if my derm allows me), I’m really sick of acne and after 2 courses of high dose you’d think it would have enough but J guess not lol quick question for you.. I have a little CO2 laser patch test square on my back from 3 weeks ago that has almost healed..there’s still pink discolouration but the scabbing has subsided and it does
  4. @kman101 oh brilliant! Do you by chance have Instagram or any other messaging app? Would love to be able to talk to someone in Ireland that’s in the same position as me looking for the best treatment options locally!
  5. @beautifulambition So just making sure.. I can stay on low dose accutane 0.01mg-kg and come off 2 weeks prior to any treatment? non or fully ablative.. Also, how do I find the proper dose concentration of accutane I need to accumulate in my body before it kicks in?
  6. Wow, so in theory I could stay on low dose accutane year round and as long as I come off 2 weeks prior..I can get any treatment (non+fully-ablative)? My issue has always been no matter how many courses of accutane I do..mild acne comes back. But I’ve been too scared to go on low dose for the last 2 years because I want to be able to get treatment for my scars whenever I have the money and not have to wait 6 months. how do I know what the proper dose concentration is?
  7. Only needling? I thought it was most things other than fully ablative C02 laser?
  8. Currently wondering what acne scar treatments I can get on low dose 0.1mg per kg body weight (10mg/d). I really want to get treatments for mild acne scars and red marks but I’m still breaking out a little bit (mild acne) and I’m scared that if I cruise on low dose accutane I won’t be able to get my scars revised until I’m off or I’ll have to wait 6 months also a quick side question, how long does it usually take for accutane to kick in and stop you from getting new spots? (Not to see a diffe
  9. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows any acne scar specialists in Ireland? I went to a clinic and they gave me a free nurse consultation and didn’t even look at my skin..they just gave me a menu of the expensive treatments they do.. Wish I could afford to get a plane ticket and see Dr Davin Lim over in australia lol
  10. HuskyChef

    Long term Accutane experience

    I’m in the exact same boat! Although my skin is always dry..I’ve been on 2 courses of high dose Accutane and although my skin isn’t the WORST..I’m still unhappy with my skin and can’t look at myself close up in the mirror. I wanna take low dose for long periods but I’m worried about the sides and other things. I tried 0.25mg/kg/day low dose accutane for a month and my hair became really dry and thin so I’m considering starting 0.1mg/kg/day. I want to eventually get ablative lasers and don’t want
  11. How long did that take to kick in for you and was it 10mg/w?
  12. I've done my research,read the low dose accutane studies and are making an educated decision to better my enjoyment of life with extremely low dose accutane. I've already been on 2 high dose courses and they kept me unbelievably clear while on course. the studies say it's as harmful to your liver as 1 beer a week apparently.
  13. Hi, I started ultra low dose accutane 3 weeks ago to maintain my very mild acne. I'm just wondering how long before it should start to kick in and work. Thanks.