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  1. Hello, First off let me say that your skin has improved immensely. It looks like those are just leftover red spots that will fade, rather than inflamed lesions. Your acne is very similar to mine, which is what prompted me to reply. Your regimen looks very solid. It is similar to mine, but I just use water to wash my face most days, and cetaphil if I've been sweating etc. Two other things I do that I have correlated through trial as having a hugely positive effect on my skin condition: -mi
  2. 24 now, acne forever, cystic, accutane twice blah blah you know the drill; I promised myself when I found a way to beat this disease, or if not beat it, at least make it manageable, I would spread the word, so I'll keep this short and sweet: Regimen: My diet is mostly meat, fish, whole foods, and brown rice seems to be okay. Brown basmati is pretty good stuff btw. I try to avoid the common allergenic foods. Take some taurine capsules with each meal; if I am eating a meal of bad acne foods
  3. This will be my last update on this log. I apologize for the lack of updates already. Shortly after my last post in this log, I had to give up on the RAM. I had a lot of faith in it starting out, but after 2 months, my skin looked pretty much as bad as it ever has. I tried multiple adjustments in my regimen, and all failed. The title of my post is not a lie, however, as I am still sticking to a regimen, just not this one. The RAM made my skin extremely extremely irritated. It caused un
  4. Wouldn't this pretty much serve the same purpose as an antibiotic except our own body would be trained to fight the p. acnes, without other bacteria being destroyed? I don't know about anyone else but I have pretty much never heard of anyone getting clear from an antibiotic. ClearER, yes, but clear, no. I'm curious, but not very excited.
  5. I have been doing this regimen for almost 3 weeks now and it HAD been going well. I have been getting almost zero acne on my face, and that trend is still continuing. Unfortunately my NECK got absolutely destroooooyed this weekend. I went from having ZERO acne there (which I attribute to the fish oil, because before I was taking any fish oil this was always a problem) to having literally like 20 new spots. I think this was due to a sensitivity. I'm really not even convinced that the breakou
  6. I have been taking the fish oil, and doing basically nothing else out of the ordinary (I eat ridiculously healthy, exercise a few times a week, and have a gentle cleansing regimen), and I have seen improvement which I would classify as nothing short of astounding. You can check my sig and look at the Retin A Micro log, which I stopped updating a couple weeks ago. The retin A was my last resort before going on a 3rd course of accutane. After 8 weeks, my skin (face, neck, upper back area) wer
  7. Okay so it's been another couple of weeks. TONS of stress in the last couple of weeks have hindered my progress. I am getting my ass handed to me at work, been extreeeemely busy. I got sick for about 5 days, that's never good. Directly after being sick I took a snowboarding trip to colorado (Woot!), our flights were delayed both ways, and just the general stress of travel took its toll, not to mention all the clothing that I had to wear on my skin. I just came back from a bachelor party a
  8. Hello All, I have been reading about aspirin masks, and I thinkt he anti-inflammatory effect of the mask could help me with some pesky inflamed blemishes on my forehead. I also remember reading that using Salycilic Acid (which, if I understand correctly, is similar to the aspirin mask) and Retin A at the same time/same day can cause massive irritation. Anyone have any pointers for me!?
  9. Smoothie, I am sorry to hear that you are breaking out, but fear not, I'm sure everything will be kosher in no time! Why are you eating so much excess protein? Trying to build muscle? New diet? Any extra protein that you consume is just flushed out of your body. This creates a strain on your liver and kidneys.
  10. Yo smoothie, Your progress sounds and looks great. I'm really anxious to see your latest pics that you post, so don't leave me hangin too long! I was also wondering what kind of jojoba oil moisturizer you use and how you apply it to your face. Hope everything continues to go well!~
  11. Holy Crap it has only been two weeks Wow. It feels like it's been months. My face is pretty damn clear around the cheeks, jawline, chin is ok, I get the MOST ANNOYING pimples very near to my mouth, but the RAM has pretty much zapped all of those. My forehead is now the site of an intense battle between BP + RAM and some pesky bastard zits (I haven't had much activity there until about a month or two ago... very strange, used to be very very clear). Worst of all, my NECK IS A DISASTER. I ha
  12. Super Bowl Sunday was an ouch for the skin. I drank a bit of booze, ate like crap, and had a great time. I'll tighten it up this week for sure. I updated my sig with my regimen, and it still needs some tweaking but I am ridiculously tired right now. My skin has calmed down as far as irritation, but I have a couple of new blemishes coming in and hopefully gettin the hell out soon. I'll have a better update with more pics in the next couple of days. Right now I would say I am at about the
  13. I think it'll look fantastic when it's done. Happy 4 u.
  14. I'm that you're with your skin. I can't help you with your questions but I am in kind of the same boat as far as my skin. One thing I did notice is that you said you exfoliated heavily while on Retinol? I was just advised the other day that it might not be a good idea to do that. Hope this helps!