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  1. I don't really want to add to all this, but I was going to try and leave my opinion except i didn't know how to say it. Lionqueen recently had a dispute with another poster over green cream and some of the ingredients being toxic, I read her post on the green cream boards and Kevin, the moderator there, pretty much said perfectly what I was thinking on this issue, so I quote him.. "...Every ingredient works synergistically to create a beneficial out come, if you change just one component of a
  2. Yea I heard that also. It was my first choice but the more reading I do on it, it says long term use isnt the best. Apparently your body can start to become immune to it, so your supposed to use it no longer then a couple weeks and then take a couple off. So I guess i'll throw that one out, haha. Thanks for your input though, if I ever get sick, or feel it coming on, i'll definitely try it for that.
  3. Right now Im more interested in fighting my acne internally. Im at the point where topicals bother my face, my skin has become that sensitive and irritation prone. Ive been looking into herb supplements. My local natural health food store was recommending me some and I would go to a homeopath to ask whats good, bad, safe, etc. but I dont have one in my area. So far this is what ive gathered. Echinacea is supposed to be very good. It raises the immune system, also stimulates the body to produ
  4. Im getting all my supplements in line. I got my fish oil ones thanks to some help from people on here. I also want to take Zinc just because I think it will help. What happens if I get the recommended amount of zinc on a daily basis already and then I turn around and take a Zinc supplement? Is it possible to overdose? I was just going to do a small mg, like 10 or 15. Also, do I need to take anything with the zinc?
  5. Thats interesting. Maybe I will pass on them and just get the liquid instead. Thanks for your reply by the way
  6. I want to start taking fish oil capsules. Right now Rite Aid in my area has natures bounty on sale, buy one get one free. They look good to me because they have a high amount of fish oil omega 3 and also the EPA and DHA, comparable to more expensive name brands like Nordic Naturals, IMO. I was going to get the ones that are odorless. Apparently they have an Enteric coating that allows the pill to bypass the stomach and be digested in the small intestine instead. Is this really safe? It worri
  7. I found this supplement by a company named "Viridian", it comes in liquid form and contains the following 48% organics golden flaxseed oil 36% organic hemp seed oil 6% organics avocado oil 5% organics evening primrose oil 5% organics pumpkin seed oil Its supposed to be for dry skin and skin prone to problems, such as acne and eczema. I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be worth my time?
  8. Hmm no I never thought of this, but maybe i'll try that this week, I'll pick up something new. I do get eczema on the back of my legs and once before I had it on my eyelids, which was horrible, but that could be a possibility also, maybe thats why my face is always so dry. I agree about rather having oily skin, at least when my skin was oily I could laugh or smile and stretch my face without any pain or flakiness. Everyone always complains about oily skin, I used to also, but now it seems like
  9. Maybe someone can help me understand this. I DONT want an argument going on here either. I have a serious question and I dont need people yelling at each other. I used to have very oily skin, USED TO. I would wash my face apply my medications, go about my day and normally blot all day long to. It was always very shiny and greasy looking. Now my skin is dry and is staying that way. I used a lot of products, BP, SA, MA, GA, prescriptions, etc. They normally always irritated my skin or dried it
  10. Thank you, I actually have re-read it, and I do believe it shows a picture and states 2 fingers full. Im using the nuetrogena so thats why I would be using 2 fingers full. Thanks kim for actually answering my question. I didnt understand that either. They told me that with any medication, SA, BP, GA you only need a thin layer nothing more, that a thin layer will work just as well as a thick layer. Thats what I didnt understand because a lot of people dont see results until they up the dosage.
  11. Ive been wondering this for awhile now.... I'm on the regimen, started about 2 months ago and I'm seeing great results. I'm very happy I did it. I'm upping the dosage slowly like Dan recommends until I get to the point where I'm using 2 finger fulls. Ive been to quite a few derms, when I say quite a few, I mean I've racked up a nice bill from all of them. I always mentioned this regimen to see what they thought, but was always afraid to try it. Now to my point, all of the derms I mentioned
  12. I hope this topic didnt die. I want to use this nucelle. I have 90% inflammatory lesions. Pustules mostly and some papules. I then have 10% blackheads around my nose. Do you think this stuff would work well for me? I assumed since its anti-bacterial that it would help wih my inflammed spots?? thanks and your face looks great, I hope i can see those results
  13. My derm told me to apply the moisturizer first. He said that when you do that it helps lessen the negative effects of the BP. But I guess it could also lessen the positive effects, im not sure. Ive been doing it for awhile like that now and I love it. Sometimes when you put BP on your face it like hardens so to say, I know dans doesnt do that as much, but Nuetrogena does a lot, and then it gets white and flaky. Well if you put moisturizer on first this doesnt happen. My skin feels so much more c
  14. I have a question. I have mild acne. Ive been on Dans regimen for awhile now. It works well. Everyone keeps telling me maybe you'll grow out of it. I know a lot of people do grow out if it, and some dont. Its all in how the cards fall. But if i keep worrying about now, doing different treatments and all that, will that lessen my chances of growing out of it? Hopefully this is making sense. Say at age 25 I am meant to grow out of, if i keep trying to treat it now, using different topicals and so
  15. Haha yea i def. did overlook that. Im glad you said something though, now i dont feel as bad about using it. Although my face is a little more dryer and doesnt seem to be stopping, so i may have to eliminate the cleanser. But i was wondering why when i went to the website i buy it off of, the ingredients were in a different order, now i understand. thanks for making me aware of that.
  16. haha i dont know if it matters, All i drink is water, fruit juices and teas. Any type of orange juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice etc. Mostly because they all have different vitamins in them, ornage juice has vitamin c which is good for facial redness. so i would say yea thats cool.
  17. Hey there snowqueen. I was reading thorugh the posts about a week ago and i noticed the one post about the cleanser with Triclosan in it. I know there are no conclusive studies, but i personally think it helps. I switched to a cleanser with that in awhile back and saw great results with it. Anywho, after seeing that post i ordered that cleanser, for the fact that its only $12 compared to my last one at $25. You said to her that it looks fine to use. I like it so far, ive seen some more dryness a
  18. Hey lionqueen, how are you doing? I was wondering if i could pick your brain for some information. I use 2 products for my acne that work pretty well. A cleanser and retinol. I saw someone elses post where you told them to try paulas choice BHAs and i was looking into that. But, I am also looking into getting a Glycolic Acid Peel. Do you know anything about them? Are they safe and good for the skin, or bad for the skin? The aesthetic centre I go to offers them and the guy who works there said th