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  1. Sorry dude, i got the same problems on my nose. But no one here seems to know anything about them. Good luck, i have basically given up.
  2. If any of you guys do attempt to leave your homes remember this little quote by T.S. Elliot... "We must not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know the place for the first time." (T.S. Elliot)
  3. Dude, I feel the exact same way you do. My friends tell me all the time that girls they know think I am cute or whatever. But I always disregard them because I assume they saw me in good lighting or from far away. Or just think I am hot cause of my body. It kills me. I don’t see myself being secure enough to be able to be up close and personal with a girl where she can examine everything on my face. Every once in a while I’ll have a fun night with a girl, maybe hook up or whateve
  4. What i hate is that you spend the morning looking in a mirror that will not acurately portray you in the classroom. The nice soft, forgiving lights of my bathroom compare to the harsh overhead lighting of the classroom makes me sick. The second i walk in I have to squint because the lights are so bright and directly overhead. I just know I am not getting any mercy from those lights. Its amazing how my personality changes when i am in a small classroom with bright lights and a big lecture hall w
  5. Frogs i feel exactly the same way you feel...I look in the mirror sometimes and wonder if the way i see myself in the mirror is really the way other people see me. I have even tried looking at other people through mirrors and observing their skin to see how the mirror really reveals scars and acne. And I also will look at myself in the mirror and be like damn I looking good and then ill come back to that same mirror and feel totally opposite. In the past I have always been a even keel person. No
  6. My Grandparents are from greece....So i guess that makes be some what greek. Everytime that i complain to my mom about my skin she's always like" welll you can't help, you got that greek skin just like my brothers." I hate it when she says that, its like she does even care. I don't now what she means about it, i guess its just a steriotype that greeks have oily skin. O well sorry for the rant.
  7. I have dreams all the time that i dont have acne/scars. And i wake up half believing that i dont and then walk to the mirror to see the sore sight. By the way Nick I cant even tell you have acne from that pic. Did you take this pic in the morning.J/k
  8. Hey man I know exactly what your going through. I am in the same boat your in. I was looking clear for at least two months, the only thing that was bothering me was my scars ofcoarse. I go to my derm. with one pimple and ask her what can i do about my scarring. She told me i had to wait for my active acne to go away. I was saying to myself that it has to be gone, i mean one pimple is a fluke. A week later i break out again! I have since then started to get cleared again. Now its just a waiting
  9. I dont think its really active acne that makes you look older its the redmarks and scars that make you look older. Scars make your skin look more rougher and give the appearance that ur skin has aged. A lot of people think i am older that i really am too. Which is nice when your 19, but when i turn 30 i dont want people thinking i am 38. lol
  10. Hey Ket, i have a similar problem with my nose and i know what you are going through. I have posted a few times about it and i find that not many people know much about the subject. I guess it is pretty rare because i havent had much succuss on finding possible treatments or procedures to help clear it up either. You can try talking to a dermatologist about it. Mine didnt really give me a straight anwser on it. I am assuming she hadnt see many cases like it. I am going to keep researching and lo
  11. Hey Miss Prolixity, thanks for the info. I am scheduling an apontment soon with a derm. I have retin-A and on it too and just gets my makes my nose peel and get red. I just have a feeling that the doc is going to just give me the run around about it like the last one o well. Thanks for the support.
  12. Here is some background from another post Hope these pics will show you guys what i am talking about. I just took side shots i ll probally post more later on of diff. angles to show you what i mean. Thanks.
  13. I am about 20 years old and i still get breaks outs from time to time. I have pretty clear skin for the most part its just my nose that realy gets me. I have like bumps on the sides and front tip of my nose some are bigger than others. Makes my skin look real rough. I really dont know what they are, i was thinking they were extreme clog pores because my nose gets really oilly. Or it could be some sort of raised scars.(Couple of them have been there for years) I dont get many pimples anymore on
  14. ronn04


    I was searching and found this pic in a previous post and was wondering what where the bumps on the nose. Because my nose resembles the same bumps on thiss picture. Some times they are not as noticeable when my face is pretty clear but then some time s when my face is oily and the rest of my skin isnt doing to well it is worse. what can be done to get rid of them and will they go away if i keep using the retin-A (just got it yesterday) Thanks. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php...ht=ret