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  1. thanx for ur comment nd ur honesty, I really appretiate it. most people wanna tell me what they think i wanna hear , my family is always denying that its noticible, but i need tto hear the truth to accept myself, hmm,ok well thats enough of that , thanx again pz

  2. I also have the same problem - ice picks on my cheeks, there were no papules, I didn`t pick... I have a number of ideas, not sure they are right. 1)All this about loosing collagen... is right. I hope Omega-3 fats will help to refat your skin 2)I take A,C,E vitamins 3)I take serum 4)I take zink 5)No sauna or solarium 6)Don`t wash too often. That really sucks. They say "with moderate acne you don't have scars..." and doctors don´t know what to say really. Like "it´s your skin type - nothing to
  3. Hello! Thanks for your post. Isn't AHA - glycolic acid - as good as BHA? I was recommended 8% glycolic acid. And I have the same problems as yours (+Ice pick scars start to occur, though I'm only 19). Mike
  4. How to prevent scarring? Especially from clogged pores?
  5. Yes, I thought. But I study economics. If i were you (studying med) I'd certainly study dermatolodgy!
  6. I've got clogged pores. And ice pick scars nearby. I'm afraid these clogged pores will turn into scars. What would you advice to do? Thanks
  7. It is VERY important to eat healthy. Read topics below or-- just believe! What to do 1. 2 litres of water every day 2. lots of vegs and fruits 3. No dairy products 4. No sugar 5. No coffeine 6. Last meal 4 hours before sleep
  8. You are absolutely right! I too have found what my organism takes well and what badly. I'm only sorry I didn't know it before - I've got ice pick scars
  9. Don't you have scars? I have ice picks and a lot of closed komedons. I'm afraid those comedones will turn into scars. Do you know anything about it? I think my skin is dry and that's the problem. Thanks
  10. Do they or not? I´ve got ice pock scars and lots of closed comedones near. Some of them turn to tiny scars. What to do? Do they necessary cause scar?
  11. I only regret not EATING HEALTHY. No sugar! A lot of water! A lot of veg and fruits! That's will help! Don't worry!
  12. Let's write there all the ideas about how to prevent acne scars while on acne. Share all ideas, even the starngest ones. Don't forget to write what type of scar you are about.