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    Bronx, New York City
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    I love music and anything to do with it! I wanna learn how to use the equipment and things you see in the studios. I also like to write a couple bars too! ^_~<br />And of course, I like watching good movies and playing some good games.
  1. Gonna make an really fast update. I'm a little more than half way through my 7th and last month. Remember, I did my first month on 30 mgs a day. Then did 5 months on 60 mgs a day. And I decided to do one last month back on 30 mgs to kind of ease off the medication to hopefully not get bad again when I'm finally off completely. Anyways, things are going good. I have a bout a week and a few days left. No pimples or anything like that, just a little shine on the face from time to time. Prolly 'caus
  2. you lookin real goood maa

  3. Damnnn girlll, you lookin gooood! lol

  4. whats up. You should put some pics up

  5. Ok, so my pictures finally worked. Most were taken with my SideKick 3's camera (camera phone which is crap) :^( But oh well. Anyways, I just deleted my older album and added a few to a new album.
  6. Jon's Crazy o_O

    Old and New pics of me

    Some older pics from last year and some present ones
  7. I'm just gonna update this real quick. I'm already done with my 6th MONTH. I decided to go into a 7th MONTH on only 30 mg which is half of what I was using for the past 5 months. I figure I should just "ease off" the medication so that I hopefully wont go back to being so oily after I completely stop Accutane/ Sotret. If ya remember I did my first month on 30 mg then did 5 months on 60 and now I'm doing the last (7th month) on 30 again. I'm hoping this will give the best results. Of course, righ
  8. I'm almost half-way through my 5th month. I just had one small pimple a little on the left side below my lip. It seems to be going away pretty fast. I just thought it was weird 'cause I haven't had any pimples in forever. Aside from the one or two really small red bumps (once in a blue moon). But this was a white head, though very small. Anyways, it's practically gone now. I'm just wondering why does my face look shiny more often now. Not nearly as shiny as it used to be but it's almost like m
  9. Just dropping by for a quick update. I'm now into my 5th month!!! Time flew by. Things are going great. Not a single pimple on my face and it just looks great. So many people have said things on how my face has gotten much better. Once in a while I'll get a single pimple or two (at most), which is extremely small, and would vanish within a few days. The only one thing I have to wonder about is how my face is slight shiny at times, like during the evening. It's not oily (or so it doesn't feel lik
  10. Gonna quickly update this. I'm more than half way through my fourth month. Actually, I have to be atleast 3/4th through my fourth month. And it's going great. I haven't used lotion the past 3 or 4 days 'cause I've been gettin' home late at night and just to tired, among other things, to bother with the "routine." However, I haven't seen any big changes on my face. I've had like three small pimples (not all at the same time) but they always come and go. I went out and bought another Cetaphil soap
  11. You should listen to some Tupac, Biggie, and Eminem! And I dunno, just chill back and let time work for ya. Enjoy yourself before you want to someone else to enjoy you.
  12. Gonna just BUMP this topic up. No need to really update much. I'm 1/4th ways through the 4th month. Time is flying. Face looks great. No pimples or anything of the sort. Still see a little shine on the skin from time to time. I think I'm going to use a little less lotion as I use a lot and the weather is getting really hot. And so, using less, at night, will probably lead to less shinyness from time to time.
  13. Just droppin' by sayin' wasssup! ^_^