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  1. Eggs aren't dairy. They are great for you, eat them.
  2. When I was about 14, I had one pimple, can't remember any other then that until I was about 18. Anyways a kid in class said as loud as possible, I didn't know jesus got pimples (he use to call me jesus). He was the turtle, and had a monobrow, so I just responded with "I didn't know turtles got monobrows" In the end he was the one embarrassed so it was okay.
  3. On the paleo diet website it says eggs are fine to eat, My dinner is fine, I always eat just meat and vegies, never any junk food. Lunch will be hard because I always eat a sandwhich. Might try fruit for breakfast, salad with ham or chicken for lunch then whats going for dinner - a meat and vegies. Think that should work right?
  4. What do you eat for breakfast? Any sample eating plans?
  5. Acne on the neck = hormonal? what does acne every where else mean? Sounds interesting, anyone got a link.
  6. Wouldn't Dans regimen be a scam then if pro activ is? both mainly use benzyl peroxide as the "pimple killing ingredient"...
  7. A few months ago I was eating nothing but good food, fruit, vegies and then a meat for dinner. My acne was worse then it had ever been. I'm at my nans now and eating cakes and stuff because she bakes a lot, and it is far better then it was then. I don't think your diet will help you a whole lot. Best way to help your acne is use a good regime (like dans or p ro activ) and dont think about them so much, when you thikn about them you touch them and pop them which is why a lot of people get bad
  8. Normally I am mild, have one or two very small ones, but sometimes I get a break out
  9. You should be fine as long as you are taking vitamins and all the good stuff that comes from meat.
  10. Egg Whites then get rid of fat in the orange bit, and keep protein, very good for you. Stay high in protein foods, keep your muscle for soccer. here's some example cutting meal plans http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/mohr116.htm Just take some food ideas, just eat healthy, high protein, make sure you are eating less calories, and you should be all set.
  11. That works, as long as I can wash my face at least a bit. I said cold because when you are sweating and hot, some cold water on the face feels great.
  12. It wouldn't make a huge difference, but you should eat it through out the day, if you are hungry have a piece of fruit, stops you from eating junk and other crap.
  13. I like the song, don't think it fits UFC or PRIDE though, something where you beat the shit out of people just feels like it needs to be a bit more heavier.