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  1. I agree with this too. I think the problem is that there isn't really enough incentive / money to fund research into the causes and treatment of acne.
  2. Actually, the staining only happens around my shirt collars from putting BP on my neck.
  3. I don't really notice anything as dramatic as you describe - but my face does always look a little bit different. It's kind of white and pasty where I missed with the moisturizer. And it doesn't feel very good having layers of crap on your face either. I am a little afraid that people can notice. Sorry I don't have any advice except "kind-of-strange-face" is better than "zit-face".
  4. thecysticpimples are on my face *wink* Welcome to acne.org

  5. I've been on the regimen for 1.5 months now, and it has worked very well on my face. I started added Alpha hydroxy on my back 2 weeks ago and even it is starting to clear up now. But there is only one problem - it takes 1 hour EVERY SINGLE DAY of going through the painfully tedious and demanding and expensive process of rubbing various chemicals on my face for the regimen to work. If don't apply the regimen for one day (I miss two consecutive applications) I WILL break out. The only thing that k