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  1. Personally, I noticed that Cetaphil didn't do it for me because I didn't feel that it cleansed my face throughly and I did notice a few pimples coming through after only using it for two days. So, I switched to Clearasil Daily Face Wash for sensitive skin and after I pat dry I apply a couple drops of jojoba oil to my entire face and blot out any excess with a paper towel. Doing this has cleared up most of my blemishes. Although I get a few pimples here and there, they're not as large and stub
  2. Hi. I also started a regimen similar to this one a week ago and so far my acne seems to be clearing up. The only time I notice new breakouts is when I wear makeup. I use "Pure Makeup" from Maybelline. So I'm thinking of changing it. Anyway the regimen I use is: MORNING: Clearasil daily face wash for sensitive skin BP on pimples only Jojoba oil (I blot out excess with a paper towel) NIGHT: Same wash Burt's Bees peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub (I c
  3. Whenever I start feeling extremely lonely, I just turn to Jesus. I know he's there cause after talking with him I start feeling better. Seriously.
  4. Yup, I feel lonely. Although I try not to be alone too much because that only depresses me. So I try to surround myself with the people that are closes to me and that care about what I'm going through.
  5. "Emotional and psychological effects of acne" is the official name of this forum. Emo for short.
  6. My skin is far from perfect also. I've suffered from moderate acne for 15 yrs. and I think it's mainly because of stress and anxiety, but I have to keep living one day at a time. Yes, I get depressed too, but life goes on. If you can't beat them, join them!
  7. Not that I don't look at other people's faces and compare them to mine, but I don't judge them. I look at who they are and how they treat others. That's just the way I am. Don't take any offense.
  8. A lot of how people see you and think of you has to do with how you see yourself, but I understand that acne can affect that. It's tough, but people are more attracted to those with confidence. We have to be strong and not let acne ruin our spirits. Besides who needs friends that only care about the way we look, they're fake. KANMI: Wondering. Why was accutane the biggest mistake of your life?
  9. I've realised that the more i think and analyse my skin in the mirror... makes it worst...probly sounds silly but its true...i never used to believe ppl wen they used to say 'stop stressing ur only makkin it worse' but now i do...ive finally snapped myself out of doing all that and thankfully my skin has improved alot (with the help of accutane too)
  10. It's OK to feel down at times. We're only human, but just don't let it take the best out of you.
  11. I've tried lots of products, but not all yet. My last hope would be Accutane, but only as my last resource because of the side effects I've heard about.