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  1. you know how you were telling me about how you use those tea tree oil pads? I had to stop using them. They made my eyes so watery, the smell was so strong, and it made me break out.

  2. Sometimes it sucks, but you have other things to worry about too. Just try and make sure you're busy right away so you can meet a lot of people and not have to worry so much about it.
  3. i've been on doxycycline for a few months and had a small initial breakout, but then the medication started working in about a week.
  4. see a doctor or dermatologist, they'll probably give you an oral or topical antibiotic and it should help.
  5. I've been actually using those cleansing pads from trader joes for about a year now. I think they work pretty good, but I don't wash it off. I think on the directions it says you can but I haven't noticed a difference. I use them at night if that makes a difference.
  6. Yeah dude that sucks with the klaron. I use these tea tree oil pads, they seem to work alright. you can get them at trader joes. Do you take a lot of protein by itself? Like the whey protein shakes and muscle milk-like stuff? I wouldn't give up bodybuilding just cause you break out though.
  7. used it for 4 months, not much of a difference
  8. Hey I was wondering if anyone saw a difference in their acne when the moved, vacationed, etc. I've been to a few different places in the US and the world, and it seems like my acne always changes, usually for the better.