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  1. Bad, especially for sensitive skin

    My acne got worse while using this. Also, it sucks for sensitive skin. Pretty much ended up with red, raw skin, which can only be described as looking like I had a chemical peel... Yep, would not recommend!
  2. LittleTeapot



    I took it for a few days, had nausea, and had splitting headaches, way worse than typical side effects. Also, it's important to note that I don't have chronic migraines or anything like that. One headache got really bad, I started having tunnel vision, then I passed out. During the time I took this I also had a lot of difficulty concentrating and completing school work (probably from the headaches!) Not worth the side effects.
  3. I had to go to the ER

    This is by far the worst acne drug I've taken. I think I most likely had an allergic reaction to the medication. I ended up vomiting 6+ times in less than 4 hrs. I went to the ER and they tried to give me medication to stop the reaction, and really strong nausea meds that are typically given to chemo patients... I still couldn't hold down anything, including water. I started having breathing problems and they ended up having to give me a steroid shot so I wouldn't go into anaphylactic shock. How
  4. I've had acne since age 10, it's currently what you'd probably classify as moderate, although it partially covers my face, and the majority of my back. I can definitely say acne has impacted me a lot. Middle school being the worst as I was one of the only kids that had acne, so I got a lot of mean/rude comments such as "You're disgusting, do you even wash your face??" I was humiliated and tried to avoid school. I think it's kind of funny that many people brush acne off as being a minor, insignif