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  1. thanks for the quick reply! I might give that a try when I can actually leave the house...coincidentally I'm also really sick lol. Anyways I forgot to say I've been using the same shampoo before this one for 2 years and every time I try to change it I get this reaction...so maybe it's temporary? or it's the antibiotics from being sick (I haven't been sick this past year so I haven't had antibiotics in awhile)
  2. So I've had pretty clear skin for the past month or so...and I was wondering when something would **** it up. I decided a while ago I'd let my hair grow out but it's not that long yet and hasn't made my skin break out in years. I had to change shampoos this past week by recommendation of my mom's friend who happens to cut my hair most of the time. She didn't say anything specific so I just picked something up that fit the description. Shampoo that's clear not cream based and has panthenol in it.
  3. I've been on a pretty consistent routine for the last 5 or 6 months. I've been washing my face with purpose facial wash and using mandelic acid in the morning and at night followed by green cream level 6. I'll usually use aloe vera gel as a moisturizer after everything or if I need it. That all seems to work fine but my skin has only stayed consistently okay during the time I've been using the mandelic acid and I'm looking for something to switch with it. To be a lil more clear I still have some
  4. Welcome to my world I'm 5'6 and the shortest guy I know. I have to buy pants in the children's section of jcpennys or trim the hell outta them. Just being an inch taller would make me happy =(...and this tight clothes trend has to end...I remember one time I dropped a quarter and thought I was gonna burst out of my clothes like the incredible hulk or something, and don't even get me started on sunglasses cuz if you don't like glasses that make you look like E.T. or a pilot then your completely
  5. The tips in this thread really helped me a lot in shaving with the least amount of irritation, but I should point out that shaving with the grain isn't exactly the same for everyone. You should take note of exactly how the hair grows on your face before you shave, because you could be shaving against the grain and not even know it...as I found out at the beginning of the year.
  6. nah I'm gonna stick by what I said lol. doesn't mean it won't look great on you. I say go for it if the price is good.
  7. oooo that's nice. wouldn't look good on me though haha
  8. I was really wondering if they were worth over a hundred bucks. I can't wait till I could actually afford them...kinda tired of wearing my cheap hottopic earrings yeah those double flares are evil...everytime I've tried them I end up hurting myself lol.
  9. -_- I've wanted those for sooooo long. they're just beautiful. wow that's the site where I buy all my jewelry lol. 0's for me too.
  10. yeah I know what you mean. my mom was sorta alright with it though until I made the holes so big. sometimes I shove pencils through in front of her to see her freak lol.
  11. wear nutty earrings? figured I'd ask to see if I'm the only weirdo with 8.5 mm holes in his ears.
  12. I noticed the same thing but for me it was just a coincidence since I quit so many times without a problem. But they say smoking relieves stress and stress causes acne...but i really don't know if that makes the difference.
  13. I've been taking shots of the ACV since my shotties haven't been getting much use lately lol.
  14. I was just wondering if anyone else noticed during the first few days they were getting tiny zits randomly. I implemented aspects of this regime into my own because it helps me shave better, and though I'm really clear and less red I'm noticing these tiny things scattered about and maybe like one random pimple actually on my face. Is it safe to assume this is just the garbage in my skin coming to the surface?
  15. I wash my hair 3 times a week with Apple Cider Vinegar. Alotta people here use it to treat acne and I tried it for awhile and though it helped it made my skin too dry. I was gonna throw it out the other day but I read it works amazingly well in cleaning hair so I've been using it for a few weeks and my hair looks pretty good which is odd for me but the important thing is I'm not breaking out from it