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  1. there definetely was improvement. i can't see anything in the after pictures that i would classify as a scar. this guy is good to go.
  2. everything is relative... i suppose that's true but some of the people posting with great skin on the scar forum must realize that in the relative world of the acne.org scar forum they do in fact have perfect skin when people with so much more to work through (in fixing scars) are also there. i would say the people posting with good skin also have darn good skin, relatively, in the world outside the scar forum as well
  3. there's nothing wrong or damaged with your skin. i don't mean to come off as offensive but you might be borderline obsessive. your skin is excellent, there's no need to obsess over scarring. to boot, i don't think you have anything that can be described as "scarring" it looks more like natural fluctuations of the skin.
  4. would smoothbeam do it on the nose? maybe a filler? just to add: out of all the areas that received TCA Cross treatment, my nose responded the least. all areas generally responded well—much better than on the nose. although my nose area has improved, i attribute it more to the non abalative laser treatment i had; it was not that powerful a treatment, so thats why i'm wondering if smoothbeam, which is on the stronger side of non abalative, might do the trick; if not, i think a filler would h
  5. honestly bob it doesn't look much from the pictures. like i wrote in another thread where i thought someone else really didn't have much to worry about, i think you should not stress over this. if its been five days only you probably have nothing to worry about in the long run. take care
  6. i think your parents are right. from the look of your pictures your scarring is minimal and may in fact improve over time without anything too invasive. i think you are stressing more than is necessary and shouldn't do much save a few topicals to improve your overall skin. try apple cidar vinegar; its cheap and fairly effective
  7. because they look great; there's no need for treatment by looking at those pics... fix the big stuff and don't sweat the small stuff, there's no need to obsess.
  8. you will be red after the treatment. as i understand it, the palomar lux 1540 penetrates deeper than the fraxel, but not as deep as the fraxel 2 (a study done by fraxel showed that it did penetrate about 70% as deep as fraxel 2), so for your case i think the laser is a good one. as for how long redness will last, well, you will definetely have flaking and peel after a few days... you should be alright in a week but you still might be a bit red. if you are worried, you should try to schedule a
  9. i don't think that's fair to say scarcrash... people have reported long term results with fraxel and this is just a more advanced version. the fraxel 3 is pretty much the same as this. here's a video: http://www.aesthetic.lumenis.com/wt/page/activefx_procedure
  10. its fractionated CO2... like how fraxel 1 & 2 are fractionated erbium. the new fraxel, fraxel 3, is also CO2... it is a new treatment in the way that fraxel is a new treatment: http://www.aesthetic.lumenis.com/pdf/Activ...CO2_article.pdf active fx is the first fractionated CO2 on the market
  11. i think its alright plus it will penetrate deeper.
  12. hm, i needled frequently over the past two weeks and i don't think i made anything worse. i will try and limit myself to one good needling once every three or four weeks.