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  1. Hi everyone! So im on them.......! Its my 5th day today , and everything feels fine apart from all of my skin esp back and arms and a little around my nose feels soooooo sore as if ive been sunburned, it was killing me all day and really itchy in my top at work today. Skin on my face doesn't feel that dry really....and im just worried about an IB ....should be coming soon?!!! All im wondering is this sunburned feeling normal? or am i allergic to washing powder or something?! When I sprayed p[
  2. how could you hear nothing about iPLEDGE from your derm? you have to sign the iPLEDGE forms and get the binder and ID card in order to get accutane, unless you don't live in the US. anyway, i would just start now. you shouldn' really get an IB in just two days, if you get one at all.
  3. Probably not, but it depends on the ratio of the dose versus your weight.
  4. Hi everyone! So ive finally got my packates of accutane! im sat staring at them really wanting to start my dose! hehe cant wait to see the results.....a quick question.....i have a wedding in 2 days which i have been really looking forward too, im worried im gonna get a big break out? would it happen in 2 days ? im on 40/60g alternate days and I way 51kg is this a high or low dose? Also im really worried because everyone has mentioned something about Ipledge? i have heard nothing about this f
  5. I am currently waiting for my blood test results and hopefully getting accutane next week fingers crossed , scared but really excited about having clear skin!!!! anyway..... I often use sunbeds a few times a month....hate looking pasty ! and it tends to make my skin look a bit better , is it a bad idea to keep using them on accutane ? Is it safer to just slap on the fake tan for 4 months ? hehe thanks in advance for any help )
  6. Just one more little worry ive got before I start tane next week!! (just got to have my blood test tuesday ) I am a keen runner , long distance stuff, and really into my exercise and sport.........Ive heard that muscle ache can be a real problem for people on accutane ? has anyone really suffered or it prevented them from taking part in sport? I am training at the moment for a few races and down really want it to effect my performance? Any help would be great ) I just cant wait to get s
  7. I have to wait till next monday for my blood test grrr ( im the same , I JUST want to get started aswell sick of waiting around, and just looking at some of the before and after pics on here and hearing how good this drug is at clearing it all up is getting exciting lol!! i just wanna get rid of this awful problem for good!! Good luck with it all!! xx
  8. Hey , Ive suffered from acne since I was about 13 , I am now 21 and tried everything going, and was prescribed roaccutane today by my Derm. I cannot imagine what it must be like to look in the mirror and have no spots! I really hope this works for me, but I am terrified of the initial break out? Can it be really bad? I have a type of acne in which it is now just all under the skin horrible bumps all over but dont really get the cystic type ( I did when I was younger but Diannette pill seems to