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  1. You're not going to drop of a heart attack or stroke. I'm not sure what those number ranges in parentheses are from..could you clarify that? Your LDL: 113 "Near optimal LDL level": 100 to 129 Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LDL Your triglycerides: 129 "Normal range, low risk": <150 Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triglyceride Your VLDL: 25.8 "Normal VLDL cholesterol level": 5 and 40 mg/dL Source: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003494.htm You didn't post the unit
  2. Hey, The severe side effects are indeed rare, but you shouldn't discount them: the risk is always there. Depending on your dosage, the dryness can rank from mild to severe. It is controllable with moisturizers, and there are tons of them on the market. The joint pain will also vary. From my understanding, I think most people who take accutane will experience the joint pain. For me, the join pain was bad enough to limit my ability to do sports. I couldn't run at full speed or do intense act
  3. Tough to say for sure...I don't pay enough attention to what I eat to point my finger at any particular food, except for sugar. Any large consumption of sugar-containing foods (candy, chocolate, soft drinks, etc.) will break me out.
  4. It is highly likely that 40mg a day will cause dryness, but there any tons of moisturizers and products on the market to counteract the dryness. Most doctors will refer you to a dermatologist before prescribing accutane, but by the sounds of it, this doctor has probably prescribed accutane many times before. The fact that he told you no dryness will occur worries me a little that he may not know much about the drug, though. You CAN drink alcohol on accutane although you need to be careful. For
  5. How long have you been on accutane? Also, blood tests are done monthly, so I doubt your derm would run a blood test just for switching dosages if you are still doing your regularly scheduled blood tests ( which you should be).
  6. I've got a bone to pick with something that was said in that really long post. I also want to throw in my opinion and experience as well. First of all, 502100 is absolutely correct that accutane is a flexible drug and that your dosage, among other things, has a large role to play in how effective the drug is and the side effects it will cause. Also, he is correct in saying that side effects vary and that there is no guarantee that you will or will not experience any of the possible side effect
  7. I advise against it. Despite what some dermatologists or uninformed users might tell you, accutane is a last resort drug for severe cases of acne, not really for mild to moderate acne. While accutane cleared up my severe case of acne almost completely after my first course, my second course made little improvement and exacerbated the dryness and flushing side effects from my first course, and the second course was only to fix mild to moderate acne. I'm not saying going on second course will n
  8. Yes...the wonders of accutane. Been there done that. The flushing and redness in the face has subsided over the past year for me since I've been off accutane, but I went through a period there where any sort of activity that increased blood pressure or blood flow to the face would result in me getting bright red. ...that included exercise, bending over, wearing a tight belt, etc. The redness and flushing happens to everyone when blood flow to the face is increased in the instances I mentioned
  9. For myself, the first 2 weeks of use my skin was a little red, irritated, and peeling. Now I use it once daily (at night) followed by an application of BP. Doesn't bother my skin at all, and I have extremely sensitive skin. The key is I don't wash in the morning...if I do it is only with a very light splash of water and that is it. I find if I wash in the morning my skin gets red and irritated and itchy.
  10. So far this stuff is working really well. I am talking about the cleanser, used twice daily (with moisturizing because it's very drying). My entire university uses flourescent lights, so whenever I look in a mirror I see every single defect in my skin. But amazingly, I'm actually getting more and more comfortable with my skin, even in the bad lighting...I imagine if I looked at a mirror in 'soft light' like a standard light bulb, my skin would look awesome.
  11. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about. You'll be in a mall, or in a doctor's office, or some other public location and there will be children ranging from 2 years old to 8 years old, and they will look at you like you are the strangest thing they have ever seen. And the worst part about kids....they stare. I have had quite a few kids in the past stare at my face, probably wondering what was wrong with me. Some of them have even asked me what was wrong with my skin. They were just kids
  12. The effects of sea water is debateable. I live on the west coast, about 2 blocks from the ocean. I used to be a competitive sailor, casual windsurfer, and go swimming in the ocean 2 times a week on top of that. Basically, I was in the ocean 3-4 times a week. After wearing a wetsuit on one of my days windsurfing, I had a mild rash/dermatitis probably due to the wetsuit not being washed out properly. It quickly evolved into acne on my back and chest. I kept up my frequent excursions into the o
  13. How is this stuff on active inflammatory acne? I currently use the DKR and I have some inflammatory acne left over, but mostly I just have clogged pores. I just received the cleanser today and have already started it. If possible, I'd like to stop using the BP right away (I hate the way that stuff leaves my skin feeling). Any experience with how the cleanser handles acne? Thanks