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  1. Hello My skin is also very oily and at the moment im using Revlon Colourstay Stay Natural foundation (not to be confused with Revlon Colourstay cos they are VERY VERY different :-s ). It is oil-free and non pore-blocking. The reason I like it is because my skin is so oily most foundations break-up after a couple of hours and go patchy and they also change colour. This one keeps its colour and doesn't break-up. It also smooths on VERY easily which is odd for an oil-free and it gives very good
  2. I waited 6 months to see my derm. It should have been longer but It got so bad I want to the Docs crying and she somehow got me moved up the list. It didn't cost me anything, it was all on the NHS but my sister went private and it cost her a couple of hundred quid I think (not including the consultation) and she was only on a low dosage. nessa x
  3. If you can get the Clean and Clear ones in Oz, I'd definitly give them a try, they're by far the best ive used. They're very good value and one sheet does the trick really well without smudging your make-up at all, and the pack lasts me ages. They don't leave that fine powdery film like The Body Shop ones do which i think can sometimes look a bit blotchy if you press down too hard with them. Ive tried more expensive ones by MAC and Shisheido but they aren't any better than the Clean and Clear on
  4. Anyone looking for a good mascara, their Skyscraper mascara is the best!! Its the one I always go back to.
  5. Are you on the regimen?? If not I'd give the Olay moisturiser a try. When Dan said it dosn't moisturise well I believe he meant it isn't strong enough to use on the regimen with all its dry skin and redness side-effects. I have used Olay complete fluid in the past and I really liked it. Its SPF 15 (I think), non-comodogenic and hypo-allergenic and its very non-greasy but a little does go a long way. Its great under make-up as well. Helps it go on nice and smooth. Its got loads of vitamins and s
  6. I use BP and SA together and my skin has improved. I only use BP at night then follow with an SA moisturiser and I have no trouble at all and my skin is HYPER sensitive. Just up to the individual i guess every skins different but mine is crystal clear at the mo
  7. I dont get on well with self-tan which is a shame cos I look horrible and pale at the moment. Ive tried quite a few. Ive found that when I apply them at night, come morning its paler round by nose and and chin cos my skins really oily. Does it dilute it or something??? It also tans my blackheads 8-[ and makes them darker (tanned blackheads :-s ) although maybe im imagining that one.... My favourite one was Lancome Flash Bronzer for face (or something like that). xxx
  8. Almost Make-Up made my skin greasier and gave so little coverage there was no point in wearing it. It also gave me an itchy, allergic rash which ive had with a few Clinigue products. City-block is a PROPER sunscreen. Strong enough to use whilst sunbathing therefore it will be better for your skin in the long-term. Almost make-up is just a tinted moisturiser. The sunscreen in it is too dilluted and won't last as long or give as good a protection as city-block. Stick with it
  9. Another big thumbs up for Olay / I just started using Total Effectsx7 overnight treatment and I really, really like it. My skins really sensitive and even a splash of water (really does) make it go blotchy. I put this on and when I wake up I feel like ive been for a facial and my skins even toned with a lovely glow to it. I dosn't help with acne but it is non-comodogenic and it seems to take the redness out of the serious zits. Really good stuff.... nessa
  10. Thanks for your advice My skin is very oily (everywhere, not just the t-zone), but its also really sensitive and a lot of cheaper foundations dry my skin out. Ive also got very open pores on my cheeks, is the foundation powder good at hiding them?? Also, I know a lot of full coverage bases give such strong coverage that it looks too obvious, and unnatural, what kind of finish does it give??? I definitly agree with you about spending a bit more on getting the perfect base for your skin. All th
  11. Hi, I was thinking of giving the foundation powder and the secret camouflage concealer a try. Its just they're so expensive and really hard to get hold of over here that i wanna be sure before I try them :-k Does the foundation powder look cakey?? Most other ones ive tried have but Ive heard it gives really good coverage so i wanna give it a try... thanks for your help
  12. Hello ya'll Does anyone use MAC or LAURA MERCIER foundations and concealers?? Im after a foundation and concealer that dosn't block pores, blends really easily, gives strong coverage, looks natural and works well on really oily skin like mine. Im using a slightly cheaper brand at the moment, the foundation dosn't give enough coverage and the concealer dosn't cover that well. The only reason ive stuck with them is cos threy dont make my acne worse [-( Id REALLY appreciate any advice, im
  13. sigh...nobody loves me, i was only tryin to give the guy some confidence
  14. Hi peeps, has anyone tried this range. My skin is very, very sensitive and always blotchy and flakey while at the same time being the oiliest thing you have ever seen. I was thinking of giving one of the cleansers a go and maybe one of the moisturisers to use at night. Im currently using Olay Daily facials for oily skin, Loreal pure Zone moisturiser in the day and Botanics Pore Perfecting night cream. Just wandered if anyone thought this stuff was any good. Thanx, nessa
  15. Man you are a BABE..seriously there is nothing wrong with you. I got called ugly every day while I was at school, bad skin, hair, too skinny, too tall...u name it I was called it. I was the most picked on girl in my year. Then I just sorta grew into myself and now the men are beating my door down (well sort off :roll: ) with a big stick, but I definitly don't get called ugly any more and if I did i wouldn't give a monkeys nuts cos I know different and they are all smelly..... Everyones got b