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  1. Just had a quick look at the App Store and couldn't find anything that tracks diet/acne. Please do make an app it would be so helpful and I would definitely download it.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Skeptic,I'll definitely look out for the quinoa. Ae1976- recently I've just been having fruit salad for lunch. I have a lot of restrictions on what I can/cannot eat so I'm going to change my questions to what do you guys have for lunch that doesn't cause any breakouts?
  3. Has anyone improved their acne through drinking fennel tea? I saw some at work today so googled it when I got back to my desk. It's meant to balance hormones and help with digestive issues which contribute to acne. It doesn't taste great but I'll drink it if does improve acne.
  4. Thanks for replying I will look into some of these
  5. Hi, You should google the acne face map. It pinpoints where you have acne, the reasons and solutions to clear it up- it really helped me understand and treat some of my acne. Hope it helps you too:)
  6. Hi, Does anyone know any natural ways to balance the hormones causing acne. Ive cleared the rest of my face up through eliminating certain food and a combination of the right acne medication/moisturiser. I've tried spearmint/peppermint tea but I think it's lost its effectiveness as I've been drinking it for a while. please help- I currently have a bad breakout on my chin/mouth area. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I have such a hard time deciding what to make for lunch at work since everything breaks me out. I've looked at vegan recipes but a lot ( I know not all) use avacado or houmous which give me spots. Can't eat pb & j sandwiches as any type of nut spread breaks me out most meat alternatives are made of soya- also problematic for me. I work full time so am reluctant to eat rice, pasta or bread everyday due to weight gain. Finally I dislike most condiments including vinegar, ma
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. i have oily skin btw. I don't know what to do now though since I wore my rimmel foundation today and didn't get any new spots.
  9. Hi All, Sorry if there's another thread about this already but I haven't seen one. I suspect my rimmel true match foundation is causing chin acne so can anyone recommend another drug store foundation with good coverage that doesn't cause spots. Thanks
  10. Nope never been tested for this, I've never even heard of it until your post but I googled it and don't think this is what I have.
  11. Is Retin A available in the UK? my sister used it a while ago and said it was great but then it was discontinued. I've read about it on a few posts recently so was wondering if it's available again Thanks
  12. The YouTube video above probably is the best one for acne scars. I agree with naimur97 and think your scars aren't that bad ( sorry if you hate it when people say that). Wearing make up all day sometimes causes acne and then more scars so I would say don't wear it if you don't have to. I think you should try aveeno moisturiser it makes your skin look fuller and healthy so ice pick scars look smaller.
  13. I would advise against accutane there's too many negative side effects and sometimes the acne comes back so I don't think it's worth it. start keeping a food diary so you can identify what breaks you out. Also a good moisturiser can help to clear up your skin, I like aveeno and cetaphil
  14. I use rimmel match perfection which provides good coverage and doesn't break me out, the only thing is my face gets really oily so I have to powder my face quite frequently. can anyone recommend a foundation with good oil control. Thanks
  15. Hi all, Other then spearmint tea do you know of any food or teas that I can eat/drink to reduce the spots on and around my chin area. My chin area has lots of tiny spots just under the skin. Different spots then get inflamed and come to a head . Please help its my dream to get rid of the spots on my chin. Thanks