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    Hendrick has a wealth of theatre and dramatic experience, the highlights of which are playing a Victorian housewife living in colonial Africa and being crushed by a seven-foot cartwheel every night during a two-week run of Les Miserables.<br /><br />'Hendo' as he's known by his inner circle, was a child prodigy. After playing piano for only three years he represented Australia at a concert for young composers (held in Malaysia). He was at the zenith of his performance career and subsequently fell into obscurity. Michael enjoys watching Arrested Development, blinking, buying keyboards and completing five years of an Arts/Law degree<br /><br />Despite his abundance of talent, Sean feels it is important to keep himself grounded thus works at Target (Us equivalent to Walmart?) three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays) in the Manchester department.
  1. Heya Darls! DON'T LET ACNE VICTIMISE YOU! Yes i have also had a bad case of the pimples (Have had massive White pastules on my noise.. Yurrmmmy ), but figured that i was able to shift everybody's focus from my appearance to my charisma:boogie: (You can probably already feel the energy from my posts) by making my personality louder than my appearance. I don't however, suggest you become a dick head like me What I'm simply suggesting is being your own person and taking command of your life. Yo
  2. OMG FINALLY! This post has come like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately the world thinks attraction is predominately aesthetics and physical beauty. Hah, trust me when i say there are a lot of good looking boys and girls out there who are at times a bit insecure, which isn't the most attractive thing i assure you. Now remember, appearance is usually the initial step, but not the only step. I know a mate of mine who has a hoarde of girls wanting him. He's a complete dumbarse though. Whilst m
  3. Well if im really pissed off, i just grab a scrapbook and start writing EVERYTHING OUT. I feel good at the end of it, and it re-centers my focus
  4. Hahah oh yeah, heard bout that sorta stuff. Has anyone tried it and survived? There was this massive thing going on in another forum a bunch of kids tried summoning a demon... lol they were long-time posters too, like 1000's of posts. Anyways they kept us updated and told us they actually got something out. They tried it a few more times and never logged-on after that. They just sorta disappeared. Cool story Houncil
  5. Ever since going through the acne myself, i've started having this favouritism for people with Acne. I give them extra attention... make sure they feel comfy etc. Is this stupid? You reckon people with acne would feel a bit sus and worse if they knew i was just doing it cause i felt bad for them? Well chances are they won't find out because it's awfully subtle what i do. But they appear to be really appreciative of the attention i give them.
  6. Oi! I just went snooping through your profile. Can we have more pics? Oh and yeah... why so unhappy?
  7. Don't be taking on board the pain of others! By feeling bad, i doubt they'll feel any better.
  8. Don't rely on the future to be happy. One of the biggest mistakes people can make is taking the present for granted. They always look to the future in hope of a better situation, but the reality is most people don't ever become satisfied once the future comes, and if they do the joy is short-lived. Learn to be grateful for what you have now, so that when you finally receive the higher paying job, better clothing, bigger house you will know how to be grateful and appreciate it. This is important
  9. Don't meant to hijack your thread: But i've become appreciative of my acne because it's taught me gratitude. I never understood how to be grateful, but after examining my fall from clear skin to a face resembling the surface of the moon i decided i would take care extra care of my skin. Almost finished my 2nd month of accutane and the skin is much clearer... and yes i've taken better care of it (moisurising etc.)... and yes im a boy We have feelings too!
  10. If he's just a tad bit scared or nervous, maybe you can ease his anxiety by shooting him a txt message every now and again to see how he's going. He'll most definately get the message you're interested and won't hesitate Yes, guys can be insecure! It's bad enough that we have to put our pride on the line and ask ladies, so please make it easier for us Edit: By now and i again, i mean initiating a txt convo twice a day MAX! But even then, don't be doing it on consecutive days. You might do it
  11. This topic has pretty much been ripped off from the bodybuilding forums and can serve to remind us that there's alot more to life There was a post that got my attention which i thought i could share with you peeps. Perhaps you peeps could share your own knowledge from previous enlightening experiences?
  12. The usual rule of thumb is improvements after no less than a month minimum. I'm telling you this so you know what to expect. A lot of people get disappointed because they look for much drastic improvements in shorter periods of time, don't receive them and become discouraged. You're going to be fine and i promise you things will be 100x better after the initial break-out! I haven't been visiting these boards much, but i can already sense what im going to say next has become a cliche: Patience. Y
  13. I only take 1 tablet a day which equates to 20mg. Yes it has been very effective and I'm on day 40 (approx). However, i was on a 4 month round of doxycyclin which finished a month before i commenced the tane which may have contributed to the serious progress.