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  1. tca 100% should only be used for deep/cross method...using toothpick...pls do not allow to drip, or wipe it right way all excess..it should be filled within the scar only... but healing is more rapid if you use with copper peptide serum and emu oil...
  2. Hi, I just used 100% tca cross recently for my ice pick scars/enlarged pores.. I even posted my experience here and really panicked after the scabs fell of and it's been over a month that my scars looked worse.. I personally think that to improve the scars, you will have to create the wound and it would scab, thus in the process of healing, collagen formation is part of it...However, you will really have to watch and guide closely your healing process... because of my own personal experience,
  3. Don't panic, it will take some time but I had the same experience. In my case, I did not follow the directions exactly, used a toothpick wrapped with cotton on it, and left it on longer than I should have. My provider of products uses milder products so I figured this a mild product also. Boy I was sadly wrong. I had an indent that was approximately 75% the size of a dime!!! I thought, Oh man, what have I done. I had an icepick scar and now have a huge indent. Others may disagree with me b
  4. I would suggest that you consult with a dermatologist first to have closely examine what those are before applying anything...then at this point I guess try to drink lots of water and fruit juices..multivitamins....
  5. I am just curious about different types of scar creams..Been continuously researching and I found this sold on ebay....Has anyone tried it? based on the information I read, it comes from snail as the snail itself is able to regenerate it's shell when it's injured... what do you think?
  6. HI, For TCA cross peel, you are dealing with deeper, ice pick, large pores so healing or recovery would take more than a month...I just had TCA cross 100% peel and I could not go out because my treated areas were deeper and larger than before after the scabs fell off,,,which is normal they say because it is still in the stage of healing and collagen is still building up (which takes time actually)...it's been one month for me and my skin is still red and still waiting for other areas treated t