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    Without a daily supply of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, no matter how much energy we get in the form of calories, our bodies and minds deteriorate because we are not able to fully replace the dying cells in our internal and external organs.
  1. Best come back.... when theY crakked that joke about uR ACNE.. this is what you do.. u stare at them right in tha eye.. and pop a kwick zit rite in their eye and be like YOU STUPID FUCK!!! LOOK AT YOU NOW!!!
  2. helpalife


    what do you know about acne?
  3. when you admit its taken over ur life.... and when u look like me!! check out the profile... after lookin at my acne ull be alot happier about ur self... trust me.. i make people feel good for a living!!
  4. BP bleached my hat!!... and my pillow case.. im a brown guy and i cant have bleachin goin on my brown skin.. so i dont use BP anymore....not tryin to be racist but i think BP works only for white people... didnt work for me.. i guess its cuz im brown....
  5. dont pick is tha best way. but heres the question how do u get rid of scarring? like that brown dark spot rite?... well i have got rid of some of my scarring.. check out my pics in my gallery.. ull be impressed... dont mean to brag but im just proud...
  6. i think ecstasy wouldve done better for ur acne than accutane
  7. 3 words for ya buddy exfoliate! and moisturize!! honestly how can moisturizer make ur dry skin worse? thats like sayin drinking water makes u dehydrated. think about what ur saying. exfolitating and moisturizing did a miracle for my skin. i got pictures.
  8. when u post pictures of urself and ur face isnt in it.. LMAO when you tried everything and still nothing has worked when u got a knife to ur throat with BP on ur face when u start eating BP when u start snorting accutane